Best Synthetic Urine Brands For A Drug Test

Until the mid-1800s, scientists and biologists believed in the principle of vitalism. Simply put, they believed that the forces of life depend upon principles different from the chemical and physical forces. In other words, the makeup of life forms was believed to be vitally different and distinct from the known chemicals and could not be created in a lab.

That was until Friedrich Wohler, a German chemist who synthesized the first laboratory sample of urea in 1828. He did not realize it then (his goal originally was ammonium cyanate) but he had just crushed one of the most inbred beliefs of human understanding.

Since then, technology has grown in leaps and bounds, and nowadays we can synthesize urine so similar to the biological type that people use it to pass drug tests.

What Is Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is a substance made in the laboratory to mimic real urine. It contains all the major compounds and is made with the consistency, smell and physical properties of the real thing.

Synthetic urine comes in two forms: a ‘ready-made’ liquid that is usable upon delivery, and a powder that needs to be mixed with water.

Being artificially made, it is not exactly like real urine. There are important similarities and differences which a chemist can differentiate. However, the purposes for which it is manufactured does not call for it to be real urine, just to mimic it. Let us take a look at this for a start.

Different Uses Of Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine has many applications. Some of the major uses are:

1.Research and testing

Synthetic urine contains no toxins and no ‘surprise’ chemicals. Thus it is commonly used in teaching, testing products like diapers, and even medicinal drugs.

2. Gardening

Urine is great for gardening because it is a natural fertilizer, with lots of nitrogen and phosphorous.

Apart from that, invasive animals will keep away from your garden because they can smell the urine. Laboratory urine is better for this because it has no bacteria that could harm your plants.

3. Sex play

For those people who love freaky wet sex playing, synthetic urine is perfect. Ordinarily, it would involve real urine which can pose health risks to the recipient. Because synthesized urine has no contaminants, it is safe to play with as they would.

4. Passing Drug Tests

Some creative people quickly discovered that synthetic urine could help them pass drug tests, and fortunately for them, it works. Real and fake urine is made of the same basic compounds, and not many drug testers think to test for the authenticity of the urine sample provided.Instead of submitting their own urine samples, they simply bought fake pee and submitted it as theirs. Not only do they pass the tests, but they also ace them!Why Synthetic Urine Is A Better Option Than Natural Detox

There are several compelling reasons why you’re better off with fake urine instead of detoxification.

  • Natural detox takes a very long time – Substances like alcohol, marijuana, heroin, coke, and other mainstream drugs leave a build-up of telltale chemicals that can take weeks to get rid of. The American Addicts Center has information on how long the drugs stay in the body. Not many drug test policies will give you weeks to prepare.
  • Detox pills are expensive – So-called detox pills and cleansers that claim to help you rid your body of residual chemicals from any drugs. They have no scientific basis and yet are very expensive.
  • Detox drinks/cleansers – These drinks, teas or whatever other forms they may take, need to be taken with a lot of caution. Most are not scientifically tested and can lead to severe vomiting, dehydration and other serious symptoms. Even those that do help the body remove toxins do so only after some time, usually from a time of 2 days onwards.

Because you love your job, do not trust these detox programs.

best synthetic urine brands

How To Use Synthetic Urine For A Drug Test

Fake pee for drug testing is a sure way to beat the system. We already know it works, so we will now show you how to pull it off.


  1. Buy high-quality synthetic urine. It must look and smell like real urine, as well as having the same physical characteristics like temperature. For this, you may need to find a way to warm it to 900-1000 and keep it that way.
  2. Get it to the testing area. There are two types of drug tests: Supervised (usually for government-related jobs) and unsupervised (for civilian companies and purposes). It is much harder to get your fake urine to a supervised test, and if you’re to pull it off then you need a full kit with the urine bag and tube. The bag is tied at the small of your back and the tube passed from your back to your urethra.

Ways To Heat Fake Urine

The temperature of urine straight from the body is between 900-1000  warm. The fake urine submitted needs to be in this range to be accepted.

Most jars of fake urine come with an inbuilt thermometer to monitor this. Some types, like Quick Fix, come with heating pads that you can wrap around the jar. They will warm the jar to the required temperature and keep it there for up to 8 hours.

If the fake pee for drug testing  you purchased does not have this feature, follow these steps to warm it up:

  1. Place the fake urine, while still in its jar, in the microwave and heat for 10 seconds under medium power.
  2. Wrap the jar with a hand warmer or other warm clothing to keep it warm.
  3. The powdered brands with heat activator powder. When you’re ready to use, just mix a third of the heat activator powder and powdered urine with warm water. In three seconds it will be ready.

Does synthetic urine work for a drug test?

Yes, it does. Synthetic urine is designed to mimic the chemical structure and properties of real urine. When you submit fake urine in the right condition, it will test negative for drugs and drug metabolites because it contains no contaminants.

Best Synthetic Urine Brands With Excellent Reviews Online

To pass a drug test, you will need the very best synthetic urine available. You cannot afford to take undue chances. Here we have the best brands or fake pee for drug testing with excellent synthetic urine reviews.

1.      Sub Solution synthetic urine

Sub solution has been the industry standard two years in a row and has lined up a lot of satisfied customers while at it. It has been around for more than 10 years and has clearly mastered the art.

It is the most similar to real urine, featuring urea and uric acid as chief ingredients. It features the most complex formula that is updated every year to keep up with new innovations.

And the kicker is that it is self-heating. No microwaving or insulating is required for this one. It is definitely the best you can get.

2.       Quick Fix synthetic urine

The best selling brand of synthetic urine, Quick Fix is another clear winner. It is made of a complex formula that will get you through a regular test with no problems. As it is named, it offers a quick fix to your dilemma.

It comes in a plastic jar and heating pads. To use, just give it a quick heat for about 10 seconds and wrap it in the pads to maintain optimum temperature.

It may not be as complex in the formula as the Sub Solution, but Quick Fix is much cheaper and available within hours of ordering.

3.       Monkey Whizz synthetic urine

Created by a company named Serious Monkey Business, Monkey Whizz is third in the line of fame. It features a range of products from powdered fake urine for under $20, the premixed urine in a flask, the Monkey Whizz Urine Belt comprising everything from a belt to a fake appendage, and lastly the Monkey Dong Synthetic Device.

With such an uninspiring name and cheap prices, you wonder if it actually works. It is composed of a basic formula and lacks many crucial compounds and properties that you would normally find in real urine.

If you’ll be going for anything other than a basic test, this is not the fake urine for you.


If you have an impending drug test, quit fretting! Synthetic urine can save your back. The best synthetic urine will mimic real urine as much as possible.

You also need to do your due diligence before you submit it for testing. Make sure you have the best synthetic urine, warmed up and ready, and execute the delivery flawlessly. Best of luck!