Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink Review

Rescue Cleanse is a high-quality detox drink that I’ve used to pass a drug test, and I want to talk about how you can pass using it as well.

Rescue Cleanse actually gets confused with another detox drink, and I think that leads to some negative reviews. So I want to clear that confusion up right here.

Plus, I’m going to give you the full Rescue Cleanse instructions you need to use it successfully, and conclude by telling you where you can buy clear choice Rescue Cleanse at the best price.


Who Are Clear Choice Detox & What Is Rescue Cleanse?

Clear choice are a company with a long track record in drug test products. They are most well-known for Sub Solution – the most complex and powerful brand of fake urine.

But they also make this Clear Choice detox drink as well. Rescue Cleanse is quite affordable at around $55, but also very powerful. You don’t need any additional water to use it, and it’s got a great track record.

It’s right up there with Ultra Eliminex as one of the most potent detox drinks out there, but it’s actually $30 less than Ultra Eliminex to buy.


Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink Vs Rescue Detox

not rescue cleanse
ICE Rescue Detox is NOT Rescue Cleanse

I said at the start of this Rescue Cleanse review that there was some confusion around this well-known brand of detox drink.

The confusion is that there is another brand very similarly named as “Rescue detox”. Worse than that, the company who make that inferior product also decided to put in the same white bottle, use a big red “plus” sign, and similar fonts and colors.

So what you’ve got is a far cheaper an inferior detox drink that is trying to piggyback the premium band Rescue Cleanse.

One of my friends made the mistake of buying Rescue Detox on my recommendation, thinking he had bought Rescue Cleanse. He told me had got a bargain, and I said that sounds ridiculous, you’ll never get real Rescue Cleanse for $20. He sent me a photo, and I pointed out his error before he used it thankfully.


Rescue Cleanse Instructions & Top Tips For Passing A Drug Test

So now you understand exactly what Rescue Cleanse is, and what it isn’t, let’s give you the full instructions you need to use it successfully:


  1. If you’ve got at least two days’ notice then do a natural detox. If you got longer, do that detox for longer. The more you can flush your body out naturally in advance of your drug test, the less work there will be for Rescue Cleanse to do.


  1. When you do your detox, even if it’s just for 24 hours the day before, drink plenty of water, urinate a lot, and exercise so you sweat. Also, if it’s cannabis metabolites you’re trying to hide, eat fatty foods as the bile fat creates helps to draw cannabis toxins out through the bowels.


  1. On the day of your test, about 90 minutes before you have to submit your sample, drink the contents of the Rescue Cleanse bottle over about 15 minutes. Then over the next 30-60 minutes try and urinate three times.


  1. Rescue Cleanse will flush out the toxins in your body, helping to draw more out than water ever could. On top of that, it’s complex formula will flood your body with things found in urine. But some of that rush will be passed through as waste and appear in your urine to keep it appearing natural.


  1. Try to submit your sample within two hours of drinking Rescue Cleanse. Although the company who make it claim you’ll get up to 5 hours “clear zone”, for a regular smoker or user I’m telling you you’ll probably have three hours or less. So try to time it so that you get it in that sweet spot within two hours of finishing urinating.


  1. A little tip for me is to always buy a home drug test kit. Use it just before you leave to see if you are genuinely clean.


In addition to all that, it’s also recommended that you don’t eat for three hours before you drink Rescue Cleanse, and you don’t eat or drink anything until after you submit your sample. That’s to not mess up the balance of what Rescue Cleanse is creating in your bladder, or to slow down its process of pushing toxins out of your body as quickly as possible. However, as I’ve said, a small amount of water (like 8 fluid ounces) won’t hurt.


How Well Does Rescue Cleanse Detox Work?

I’ve used Rescue Cleanse to pass a live drug test. It was for a full-time retail job a few years back, and I was a regular weed smoker. But it definitely worked for me.

There’s also my friend, who I told you about earlier, who bought a bottle of Rescue Cleanse and also managed to pass a drug test using it.

The key thing is to try and do a detox before the day of your test. Even if you can only do 24 hours. Even at short amount of time will really help because it means there are less toxins in your body, which means less will be leaking through into your urine. The longer the detox, the longer the clear zone.

Another great tip is to expel more toxins through using a high-quality course of detox pills.

Toxin Rid do a 24-hour course which can push out far more toxins than you ever could naturally, and on top of the detox drink it will improve your chances of passing a drug test significantly.


Where To Buy Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse

When it comes to learning where to buy Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse at the best price, then I’d always say buy it from TestNegative.sub solution

You’ll get it for $55, and you can also buy a cheap home drug test kit at the same time. You can also buy some Sub Solution synthetic urine as your plan B, just in case you still test positive when you do the home drug test kit. Buy that combo and I promise you that you will not have to worry about failing a drug test at all.

So there you go guys, this Clear Choice detox product is definitely worth buying. It’s the real deal, and you will probably even pass a drug test if you don’t do a 24-hour to detox, but it’s recommended especially if you’re a heavy weed smoker or user.

If you can’t get your hands on Rescue Cleanse, then Ultra Eliminex is the best alternative. If that’s not available to, then Mega Clean is a great third choice, but you’ll definitely need to do a 24-hour detox as it’s not as powerful.