Clear Choice Sub Solution: All You Need To Know In A Three-Minute Review

Sub Solution is the #1 selling brand of synthetic urine, and for very good reason. In this quick Sub Solution review, I’m going to explain exactly why that’s the case.

I’m going to explain what Clear Choice Sub Solution is, and how complex the formula is in comparison to other brands of fake urine. Importantly, I’ll also tell you what it doesn’t contain because that’s a crucial point.

I also give you full instructions for using Sub Solution successfully, based on my own experiences with using it last year to pass a pre-employment drug test.

On top of all that, I’m going to compare Sub Solution to its newer cousin from Clear Choice called Quick Luck, and talk to you about whether you can enhance your chance of passing using another product from the same company called “the practice kit”.

What Is Clear Choice Sub Solution?

Sub Solution is a high-quality brand of fake urine. It’s been around for more than a decade and has an annually updated formula based on feedback from research into what the drug testing industry looks for in samples.

It’s made by a company called Clear Choice, who for me is the premium company for getting your hands on products that can genuinely pass a drug test.

Clear Choice makes Sub Solution. They also make a newer type of urine called Quick Luck. They also make Rescue Cleanse, one of the best brands of detox drinks out there, that I passed a drug test two years ago with.

How Complex Is Sub Solution?

If fake urine is going to pass a drug test, then it’s got to be convincing enough to do that by getting through several levels of scrutiny.

Let’s take a look at the steps a sample goes through when you submit it to someone like Quest or LabCorp.

  1. First, within four minutes of handing the sample over, they have to test the temperature. The sample temperature has to be between 90°F and 100°F to be legal. Not handing that sample over within that temperature range is the number one reason why people fail using fake urine.
  2. Once you’ve left, they will do validity checks. This includes basic analysis to make sure the sample contains things like urea, uric acid, creatinine, and is balanced for pH and specific gravity. They will also look at it to make sure it visually seems to be actual urine.
  3. If it’s passed the validity checks it’s tested against the panels which react to the various types of drugs in the test. So a five-panel drug test will contain five panels that each react to the drug metabolites of that particular type of substance. This is called immunoassay testing.
  4. If immunoassay tests throw up odd results, or the initial validity checks raise the suspicion of an unadulterated or fake sample, then it goes to a full mass spectrometry – gas chromatography analysis.

Sub Solution, or whatever brand of fake urine you are using, has to be able to potentially stand up to all of that rigorous analysis.

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Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix

In order to highlight to you how complex Sub Solution is, I’m going to compare it to Quick Fix, which is the second bestselling brand of fake urine out there.

Quick Fix contains urea, uric acid, and creatinine. It’s balanced for pH and specific gravity, and “sort of” looks like urine. It’s frequently updated and is currently at formula 6.3. It’s a good basic brand of fake urine.

Let’s compare Quick Fix to Sub Solution, which has the following attributes:

  • Balanced for ph and specific gravity
  • Contains urea and uric acid
  • Contains creatinine
  • Sub Solution contains 11 other substances found in urine
  • It looks exactly like human urine
  • It froths like human urine as well

Quick Fix is probably good enough to pass a basic pre-employment drug test as long as it doesn’t go to full gas chromatography – Mass spectrometry analysis.

Sub Solution is definitely complex enough to get through every level of analysis. I know that for a fact-based on a friend who used it last year, and he was told that it was going to be fully analyzed. He passed the test using Sub Solution after a full gas chromatography – Mass spectrometry analysis.

One other thing to quickly mention here is a biocide.

Biocides are a class of artificial preservatives that are used in many products to extend the shelf life. You’ll find them in foods, beauty products, and yes, some brands of fake urine.

In 2018 sites like Reddit started to buzz with people saying that their fake urine sample failed. It began to be obvious that it was only certain brands failing.

Then a rumor leaked out somehow, that said the big testing labs had realized that most fake urine brands use biocides as their preservatives. So simply by checking for their presence during validity checks, they could weed out most fake samples.

Both Quick Fix and Sub Solution both stated officially that they do not use biocide is as their preservatives. That’s why both of these brands of fake urine continue to pass drug tests. They are simply not detectable in the way that other brands like Magnum and U-Pass are.

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Let’s Talk About Heatpads And Heat Activator Powder

Another benefit of using Sub Solution over any other brand of synthetic urine is that it doesn’t use a heatpad to keep the sample warm.

Most brands of fake urine need microwaving before you leave to submit the sample. Then you activate the heatpad and strap it to the sample. You then have to rely on it producing a steady heat within the right temperature range for long enough for you to get into the building and submit a sample at between 90° and 100°. I’m telling you, that’s bloody hard to achieve.

Sub Solution uses heat activator powder, and I’ll be honest, it’s absolute genius.

You tap in about one third into the sample just before you go into the building to submit it. It agitates the liquid using friction to heat it up. You’ll need about half the bottle of activator powder moves to get it within that magical temperature range you need. It’s also completely undetectable in the sample.

How To Use Sub Solution To Pass A Drug Test

Now you understand the key benefits of using Sub Solution, let’s continue this review by telling you exactly how to use it.

Here are the Sub Solution instructions you need to stand the best chance of passing a drug test:

  1. Fill the supplied plastic bottle with the correct amount of water. However, don’t use warm tap water, and don’t use mineral water. These contain things that urine doesn’t, because the body filters them out. Your best bet is to use filtered water.
  2. Pick up the vial containing the fake urine powder and tap that into the mixing bottle. Then shake it gently until it’s completely dissolved and crystal-clear.
  3. Tuck the sample into your underwear to keep it secure and close to body temperature, then go to the place you are submitting your sample.
  4. Just before you go in, tap in about one-third of the heat activator powder and shake gently. Wait a minute, and check the temperature strip. You should get a reading to show that it’s between 90°F and 100°F. Tap in a little more until it’s as close to 100°F as possible without going above (as human urine is never hotter than 100°F).

As you can see, that’s all there is to it. That’s all you need to do to submit a completely valid sample using Sub Solution.

You just don’t need to mess around with a heatpad. You don’t need to microwave your sample. You don’t have to worry about the temperature cooling.

The heat activator powder is absolute genius. It raises the temperature in about one minute and gives you granular control over the temperature of your sample just before you submit it. No other fake urine product out there can achieve that double win of complexity and close control over the temperature.

Upgrade Sub Solution To Quick Luck For An Even Higher Chance Of Success

I passed a pre-employment drug test last year using Sub Solution. It was no sweat, and because most drug tests for employment purposes are unobserved, you could even tap in more heat activator powder at the last minute behind a screen if the temperature has cooled.

Clear Choice has actually now released a big brother to Sub Solution called Quick Luck.

Quick Luck is premixed. So you don’t even need to mess around getting your hands on filtered water. That makes it perfect for on-the-spot drug testing. As long as you’ve got about two minutes unobserved, you simply tap in the heat activator powder, and you’ll have a completely valid sample.

Sub Solution costs $85. Quick Luck cost $100. Either of them is the best way possible to pass a drug test using synthetic urine.

I’ll also mention something called the practice kit here, another new product from Clear Choice.

You get the mixing containers, 2 x heatpads, and the activator powder, but no fake urine. That allows you to cheaply test how heatpads work, and how the heat activator powder works with water. You’ll get enough to do several practice runs, so you can test how long it stays warm, and make sure you are completely confident with using the equipment on the day of your test.

If you buy Sub Solution or Quick Luck with the practice kit, you’ll also get a great combo deal price. Put all that together, and there is no better way of passing a drug test using fake urine.

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