Full BPC-157 Review & How To Find BPC-157 For Sale That’s Genuine

BPC-157 is a little-known research chemical that could have big benefits for bodybuilders. In this quick BPC-157 review, you’re going to learn everything you know, including where to actually find BPC-157 for sale.

This naturally occurring protein could have significant potential for regenerating old tissues and increasing the growth of new blood vessels, which are key for increasing the vascularity needed to push yourself harder.

However, there are some warnings and problems around using BPC-157, which a lot of reviews won’t warn you about. So, I want to get real here and tell you about the problems, as well as raving about the potential benefits.

What Is BPC-157 & How Is I Used?

BPC-157 is a synthetic derivative of a naturally occurring protein. It’s an amino acid found in the human stomach and has been associated with an incredibly wide range of potential protective and regenerative benefits.

So BPC-157 isn’t natural. It’s a constructed peptide chain consisting of 15 amino acids. Let me explain that a bit because it can be confusing.

It is natural because it’s a chain of amino acids. However, because that chain sequence doesn’t appear in nature, it is synthetic. So saying it’s not natural is slightly misleading, because although it’s not a naturally occurring sequence, it’s not a chemical derivative, it is constructed purely from amino acids.

What research is shown is that its levels go up when there is stress on the body. What appears to happen is that this increase in production helps to deal with intestinal damage, things like stomach ulcers, and even protection from stress.

But more than that, and this is the bit you guys are interested in, it has shown an ability to improve bone strength, joint healing rates, and muscle growth rates.

BPC-157 Results & Bodybuilding Benefits

Let’s look in detail now at how this constructed amino acid chain can benefit you for bodybuilding purposes when consumed as a supplement. BPC-157 may have a lot of potential benefits, but what’s the real-world evidence that it’s worth taking on top of everything else you guys probably already are?

Part of the problem is that most of the studies have been done on rats, and there have been very few human studies done on the effects of BPC-157. Those that have were small scale, or incomplete, and do not fully show the benefits, or the problems.

But anecdotally, piecing everything together, these are the most important potential BPC-157 results & benefits you can get:

  • Faster repair to muscle and tendon tissue damage
  • Strengthening of fresh tissue that grows compared to baseline
  • Lowering of inflammation levels
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Induces a faster response to body injury
  • Increases rate in size of vascular capacity
  • Has been shown to facilitate the lifting of both dopamine and serotonin levels

Put all that together, and you can see exactly why this well-kept secret is potentially one of the best bodybuilding supplements out there.

Because it can help to maintain higher levels of dopamine and serotonin, your work out harder, have more drive and determination and feel more rewarded after a successful workout.

Your inflammation and damage to tendons and muscles will be lower and repaired faster. Generally, body injuries will be addressed more rapidly through its ability to increase cell survival and cell migration levels. It does this through activation of the nitric oxide system in our body, and this method of action has been proven in multiple studies.

Crucially, it also increases vascularity. That means bigger veins and better oxygen supply, which leads to better workouts and faster recovery. Plus, it can strengthen fresh tissue growth, which means that you have the potential to grow harder and stronger muscle and tendon tissue than you would naturally.

I’ve been using BPC-157 on and off for the past three years. I don’t use it all the time, because this is a relatively unknown and unproven supplement, and I don’t want to take too many risks.

However, when I’m doing a particularly punishing cycle of SARMs, and I’m really pushing to make big gains, I will back it up with the use of BPC-157 because it definitely helps me to recover faster and get harder gains.

BPC 157 result

How To Use BPC-157

Let’s talk now about how you can actually use BPC-157 in the real world so that you can derive the benefits from it.

One problem is that it has a poor level of bioavailability. It’s best injected to get the full benefits. Now for a few people, that’s not practical in terms of concerns around safety. You can take it orally. However, it won’t be as bioavailable, even though it is water-soluble, and people taking orally have reported a far longer and lessened potential than when it’s injected.

When you inject it, you inject it directly into the problem area if you are targeting muscle recovery or injury repair. There are anecdotal reports that I’ve seen of people recovering from sporting injuries in as little as 50% of the time that they should naturally occur. However, I stress, that’s anecdotal evidence.

So I’m sorry guys, but to derive the benefits from BPC-157 you’re going to have to inject it. But don’t worry, as long as you are sensible and safe, then there shouldn’t be a problem.

Here’s how you can process BPC-157 to make it injectable:

  1. You can buy it as a white powder in small vials. You must mix it with specialized BAC water, not any other type of water.
  2. Add the required dose into enough BAC water for a single injectable dose, and shake it until it’s thoroughly dissolved and crystal clear.
  3. Get yourself some clean and fresh needles, some medical alcohol wipes, and some sterilized surgical gloves.
  4. You don’t have to inject it directly into the muscle, just generally under the skin in the area you want to target. This is quite simple and painless to do, and you can do it pretty painlessly by pinching the skin together and pushing the needle in, a process called a subcutaneous injection.

Now I will remove one of the steps for you because Swiss Chems sell BPC-157 that is already dissolved in BAC water. I’ll talk more about that later when I discuss where to buy BPC-157 that is safe to use.

In terms of dosing BPC-157, because it’s not been through any human trials, again, it’s trial and error and anecdotal evidence. However, it’s thought that the half-life of BPC-157 is around 12 hours, meaning a single dose will last around 24 hours in the body.

In terms of specific dosage ranges, they are very low, around 200 mcg – 1000 mcg (1 milligram). Always start at the lower end of the scale and work up over several cycles.

BPC-157 Side Effects & Warnings

We’ve talked about the good of using BPC-157 as part of your bodybuilding stacks, so let’s now talk about the bad.

I think is important to say, as I did earlier on, that there haven’t actually been any proper human studies into this stuff. It’s all “in vitro” (test tube), or animal studies. There have been a few very small human studies, but those have focused on solving gastric problems.

We really are looking at side effects that people who write reviews of BPC-157 say they experience, alongside anecdotal evidence from bodybuilders around the world. That’s really all we have to go on.

I have to say, but thankfully there’s very little evidence of any side effects when dosing, or in the weeks and months after.

Some people report nausea after they have taken it, mostly orally, but a few people I’ve noticed in the forms of said after injecting it as well. Because it is derived from stomach acids, perhaps that explains it.

But the evidence is that there is no real-world problem with using BPC-157 either orally, or through injecting it.

So the bottom line her

e is that the real-world evidence suggests its side effect free. However, because we don’t know the long term interactions between the artificially constructed BPC-157 and naturally occurring amino acids and other chemicals in the body, the caveat with that is that if you are using it over several years, then you just don’t know what could happen down the line.

BPC 157 side effects

TB-500 Vs BPC-157

TB-500 is another synthetic peptide that is created in much the same way as BPC-157. Basically, short chains of amino acids are extracted from the body, and then chained together to make artificial sequences.

BPC-157 and TB-500 are definitely both derived from naturally occurring amino acids, with TB-500 being constructed from an amino acid that is found in cerebrospinal fluid, saliva, and tears.

BPC-157 is far superior to TB-500 based on the existing evidence though. In the available studies, TB-500 was found to have a far more subdued effect on muscle, tendon, and bone repairs, and a far lower effect on vascularity.

Finding BPC-157 For Sale

I want to conclude this BPC-157 review by telling you where to find it for sale in a format that is safe and easy to use.

Because it’s an unregulated research chemical, you do have to tread carefully here. But thankfully, there are two proven supplement stores online that have a long track record in supplying clean and well-constructed peptides and other supplements.

Probably the best way of buying BPC-157 is through Swiss Chems. It’s cheaper and almost ready to inject. A 5 mg vial of BPC-157, that’s then easily premixed with BAC water you can also buy from them, at 99% purity, costs $36.95. If you are injecting it every day, then by keeping it in a fridge, it will remain stable for a couple of weeks, but I’d always advise changing the vial every week where possible.

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