How Good Are Gorilla Mood Supplements Like Nitric, Pre-Workout, And Energy?

I’ve been aware of Gorilla Mind for a while, mainly through the website/YouTube channel of the guy who created the company. Known only as “Derek”, he’s a guy who started out a few years back with a YouTube channel called “More Plates, More Dates”.

So you can consider this not only a review of several key products, but also of the company he started, called Gorilla Mind.

I’m going to cover everything you need to know. I’ll tell you exactly what you need to know about the company generally, and go into some details it’s important to understand before buying from them.

I’ll also tell you about the products they sell, the potent bodybuilding supplements that have made them the big talk in supplements over the past year.

I will analyze several of their best and most popular products, looking at the ingredients and seeing how they stack up against the competitors.

Overall, I’ll answer the question around whether Gorilla Mind supplements are worth the money, and what the alternatives are.

Who Are Gorilla Mind & Are They Legit?

The big question has to be answered first: are Gorilla Mind legit or a scam?

I think you’ll find from what I have said here already, that they definitely aren’t a scam. They do produce good quality bodybuilding supplements.

However, they do make some really grandiose claims around what those supplements can achieve. Sometimes, Derek can really make some bold statements which for me often simply don’t quite stack up against the evidence supplied in looking at the products ingredients.

But that doesn’t mean they are a scam, just that there’s some very aggressive marketing being done, which is overemphasizing some of the benefits that can potentially be achieved.

There’s no doubt that this company have made a big splash in the bodybuilding marketplace in the USA (but hardly outside the USA because you can got get the products), but does a big splash mean you are getting the best bang for your buck?

One confusion I do want to clear up is around the name. It’s important to note the difference, because some people get confused.

Gorilla Mind is the name of the company. Gorilla Mode is the name of most of the products.

However, some of the products are called Gorilla Mind instead of gorilla mood. That can make it even more confusing.

But generally, Gorilla Mode refers to the products, it is not the name of the company.

The Gorilla Mind Product Range

I’m not just going to tell you everything is great and you should buy these products.

The product range is substantial, with over 20 different products that cover everything you need around bodybuilding:

  • Sapogenins (plant steroids)
  • Testosterone boosters
  • Pre-workout supplements
  • Energy boosters
  • Cognitive boosters
  • Androgen receptor up-regulation
  • Post workout recovery
  • Sleep aids
  • Fat burners
  • Appetite suppressants

As you can see, everything is catered for. All the products are priced to fit well within the supplement marketplace, and they are well designed. Visually, this is top grade stuff.

However, as you will soon see, some of the ingredients aren’t in high enough quantities, and there aren’t enough variations of them in the products. In comparison to the competitors, some of the products don’t stack up for potency.

For me, that realization was pretty disappointing. I had high hopes for Gorilla Mind, but the truth is they don’t quite live up to the hype.

Gorilla Mood Pre-Workout: The Best Of The Bunch?

Let’s look at that essential one now. The pre-workout supplement. If you don’t use one, then half the time you hit the gym you won’t be efficient.

You need a good pre-workout supplement to boost your physical and mental energy levels. Not only do you have to be cognitively sharp, but you have to be focused and energized.

So the best pre-workout supplements will stimulate you physically and mentally, but they won’t just a few full of caffeine or other chemicals which will cause a rush of jittery energy. It has to be smooth, control, fully targeted, and have a long duration.

Gorilla mood pre-workout reviews always state that it’s a great quality pre-workout formula. Stimulating, focusing, and affordable.

Available in 11 different flavors, you just mix it with water, and 30 minutes later you are ready to go.

Nearly all of the supplements Gorilla Mind sell mention the same “maxing out” of channels that produce the intended results.

However, that’s really pseudoscientific speak right there. You can’t max out all your channels, and describing a pre-workout supplement is being able to be “maxed out in the performance and pump category” means absolutely nothing in reality.

So what’s actually in this stuff? These are the Gorilla Mode pre-workout ingredients:

  • 2500 mg Creatine
  • 1500 mg Glycerol
  • 1500 mg Malic acid
  • 1250 mg Betaine Anhydrous
  • 750 mg L-Tyrosine
  • 175 mg caffeine Anhydrous

Put together, it’s a decent blend of good quality and obvious ingredients. Most of those will be found in a lot of pre-workout supplements.

If you use the two scoop dose, then you’ll get a full 3 g of malic acid. You’ll also get 10 g of L-Citrulline, which has a long and proven history of enhancing athletic performance and speeding up recovery times.

Paired up, these to work together to work as a Krebs cycle intermediary. To explain in layman terms, it means it will lower lactic acid buildup in your muscles. Lactic acid builds up with aerobic exercise, making your muscles hurt and burn.

So overall, it’s a decent product. But let’s now compare it to a major competitor, wrecked pre-workout supplement from a company called Hugh supplements.

Wrecked has 3200 mg of beta-alanine included in it. It makes you tingly, which some people don’t like. That’s just a side effect. What it does is to give you far more energy and power. The fact it’s excluded is surprising to me.

Betaine Anhydrous is common to both, and it should be because it can improve athletic performance and your body outcomes. However, wrecked contains 2000 mg, whereas Gorilla Mode pre-workout only contains 1250 mg.

You’ll get 25% more L-Tyrosine in the Huge Supplements product as well. In fact, nearly every crucial chemical has a larger dose.

And here’s the thing, there are two additional ingredients I would say are pretty essential as well, one of which is Lion’s mane mushroom extract, and a slow release caffeine.

The slow release caffeine is vital because you don’t want a huge rush of caffeine initially, only for it to die off after about one hour. The slow release caffeine not only push you through the workout, helps with your recovery.

The Lions mane mushroom may sound a bit weird, but it’s essential. At high enough quantities it’s brilliant for focus, and also it works as a very good natural anti-inflammatory. That means not only is it power you through the workout, but it actually helps you post-workout as well.

But also, and this is the bit that should shock you, they are both the same price. Simply getting far more for your money in the Huge Supplements pre-workout product.

Gorilla Mode Energy Reviewed

Next on my list of the main products I want to talk to you about is Gorilla Mode energy.

No prizes for guessing that you take it to get a boost in physical energy levels when you work out. But it’s also designed to improve your cognitive energy levels. So this is physical and emotional energy.

I cognitive energy levels we mean that you are simply more “on it”. More engaged, more alert, faster thinking, and more up for it. But you’re also going to be calmer and focused. So it has potential nootropic benefits as well as energizing ones.

Each dose of Gorilla Mode energy contains the following:

  • 3000 mg L-Tyrosine
  • 1000 mg Kanna
  • 400 mg Huperzine A
  • 375 mg Caffeine Anhydrous
  • 375 mg N-Phenethyl-Dimethylamine-Citrate

Following on from I said in the previous product review, you’ll notice that there is no Beta-Alanine, which for me is a big negative. It really does help with high-performance exercise, it really helps with muscle endurance, and energy output.

You don’t get that much caffeine either, and it’s only in a single form which limits how it’s distributed and used. I really don’t like this, because I prefer multiformat caffeine that allows your body to get the most out of the different release beaten types.

The strange one, that I’m really surprised in there, is Kanna.  It’s local to South Africa, and has been around and used since forever. African hunters used to use it, and still do, because it gives you energy and sharpness.

So that sounds brilliant, and why wouldn’t you put it in a bodybuilding supplement?

Well, it’s actually potentially quite addictive. So if you are knocking back scoop after scoop week after week, month after month, you could actually build up a bit of an addiction to this stuff.

It can also chill you out, which is why and surprises in there. Yes, it can be good, but people in South Africa also use it to relax. The reason is that its active ingredients are alkaloids, which are agonists of the cannabinoid receptors; the same receptors that cannabis does.

There is some evidence, although it’s contradictory, that states that Kanna works partly as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Yes, that’s right, basically it works in the same way as an SSRI antidepressant.

Now obviously if you’re on antidepressants, or you don’t want your natural serotonin balance change, then this isn’t a good thing. The fact it in this supplement is surprising to me, especially as there are no warnings about this. The bottom line here is that it’s going to mess with your serotonin.

Let’s compare it to Wrecked. This is a very popular pre-workout supplement from a company called Huge Supplements.

Wrecked has three different sources of caffeine, one of which is a slow release version. That reduces jittery and increases length of energy output.

Wrecked simply has more ingredients, some of them I think a better, and where it has the same ingredients they are simply in higher quantities.

An alternative is called “pump serum”. That’s also from Huge Supplements, and it is a great alternative to consider.

It’s a very similar formula, but actually works out cheaper in price. Overall, for me, looking in detail at the ingredients, the Gorilla Mind energy supplement isn’t quite as potent as a few of its major competitors.

Gorilla Mode Nitric Reviewed

Next up, let’s talk about Gorilla Mode nitric. As the name suggests, it’s designed to boost nitric oxide levels in an easy to take supplement format. But do the ingredients live up to this claim?

The thing is, nitric oxide can really help with fueling the muscles for growth. More than that, it improves your endurance, and your overall vasodilation, getting oxygen, nutrition, and hormones direct to where they are needed.

Again, Derek from Gorilla Mind make some big claims about this supplement. He says how it hits all of the pathways it needs to, max’s them out, and basically does it better than any other supplement.

Let’s see how this claim can stack up against the ingredients in Gorilla Mode nitric:

  • 5000 mg L-Citrulline
  • 2500 mg Creatine
  • 2000 mg Betaine Anhydrous
  • 2000 mg Glycerol
  • 1500 mg Malic Acid
  • 750 mg Agmatine Sulfate
  • 750 mg Sodium Nitrate

As you can see, by comparing them to the other Gorilla Mind supplements, there’s actually a lot of common ground, with six of those ingredients common to many of the others.

So for me, a lot of the claim simply can’t stack up. It’s exactly the same formula as the pre-workout supplement. So why would you need both? If one claims it can boost nitric oxide, why would you need two?

Basically, the $60 you’re paying for what is overall a pretty similar supplement to the pre-workout one. A lot of guys will be doubling up on this without realizing that they are basically the same.

Huge Supplements pump serum is a competitor’s supplement that also claims to be able to dramatically elevate levels of nitric oxide in muscle tissue.

A single dose contains far more of the crucial ingredients, including 9000 mg of L-Citrulline, and 3000 mg of Glycerol.

As well as the core ingredients, there are seven in Huge Supplements one which are different, including what I would class as an essential one: 1500 mg of L-Tyrosine.

Gorilla Mode AR (Androgen Receptor Up regulator) Reviewed

The last supplement from Gorilla Mind that I’m going to review for you here is their androgen receptor up regulator supplement.

The idea is that you take this and it upregulates the availability of androgen receptors, basically makes more of them available to be used for muscle gains (muscle growth).

It consists purely of capsules of L-Carnitine and L-Tartrate.

L-Carnitine transports long chain fatty acids to be converted into energy. So you’ll get more into the muscle tissue ready to make them grow bigger.

L-Tartrate does basically the same thing, and put together you get a great combination for up regulation in muscle tissue.

However, the science is out on whether they actually up regulate androgen receptors specifically, what the exact mechanism of action is.

Some of the studies are very small scale, and they basically show that there’s not much effect. Although there were rises in various hormonal levels, including testosterone, this was in line with what happens with exercise, but what did happen was that they found that it reduced muscle tissue damage.

I think it’s telling that this is out of stock on the Gorilla Mind website, and has been for some time. I think they have discontinued it because it simply doesn’t work that well.

So overall, you can’t get hold of this stuff, and it doesn’t work anyway even if you do.

You’re far better off getting a testosterone booster. That was elevate levels of testosterone, which is crucial to muscle growth and recovery anyway.

Hugh supplements do rebirth PCT, which helps to minimize the production of estrogen, as well as elevating testosterone levels. So even if you’re not on PCT because of SARMs, you could still use this supplement.

Overall Are Gorilla Mind High Quality Supplements?

I’m not going to say that Gorilla Mind are poor quality supplements, that would simply be lying to you. They are decent supplements, at a reasonable price.

But a lot of the hype around them is overbearing. They simply do not work to the degree that is claimed.

So sure, you can trust Gorilla Mind products, and they are not bad. But now I’ve given you some insight, hopefully you can see that the ingredients aren’t as great as claim, and the doses are actually very low when compared to some of the competitor’s product around the same price.

I’ll give you an example of the hype, around the nitric supplement from Gorilla Mode.

The guy Derek writes more than 8000 words on his site about what an incredible supplement it is. He throws literally thousands of words that you telling you how every single ingredient maxes out pathways, and works like nothing before it.

The truth is that all of these ingredients are easily obtainable, and have been used for decades by bodybuilders. There’s nothing new or ingenious about the products, and the claims really don’t stack up.

Overall, to get the most up supplements that contain essential ingredients, all you need to do is look the highest dose as possible the money you’re spending. In that respect, Gorilla Mind are not the best of the bunch.

Where To Buy Gorilla Mode Products (And Where Not To)

If you’re looking to buy gorilla mood products then the best place to do so is from the Gorilla Mind website.

They only really sell within the USA. If you see them for sale internationally, then be wary. These are usually fake products.

If you are outside the USA, it’s difficult to get your hands on Gorilla Mind products. You can order direct from the company, but you will pay the shipping costs.

Also, you’ll need to look at the shipping page on the website. Some of the products can’t be shipped to all locations.

Out of curiosity, I clicked on the United Kingdom. Weirdly, for products can’t be shipped there from the USA. Why couldn’t workout from those products is what was stopping them being shipped there.

So there may be some quirks with what can be delivered to you locally, and you may struggle to understand why on earth they can’t ship to your location.

One thing I wouldn’t advise is ordering Gorilla Mode products from Amazon or anywhere like that. As I have said, Gorilla Mind supplements, like Gorilla Mode energy, Gorilla Mode pre-workout, all of them, can only be purchased on the main website.

So when it comes to answering the question around where to buy Gorilla Mode pre-workout and other supplements, you have to buy them direct from the company.

The Best Alternative To Gorilla Mind/Gorilla Mode

Look, I don’t hate Gorilla Mind products. They are damn good supplements and thousands of guys use them.

My beef is with the fact that they just aren’t as potent as the competitors that I use myself.

I’ve talked about Huge Supplements a lot in this review, and I’ll stick by that is one of my companies you should look at instead.

Wrecked, their pre-workout supplement, has very similar ingredients to the Gorilla Mode pre-workout ingredients, but there are just more often, and at higher doses.

Also, Huge Supplements products are very similar in price. You’re not paying a premium for what I see is better quality bodybuilding supplements.

Just remember, whichever product you choose, they won’t work without hard work. These are natural supplements which will only have small incremental benefits.

You’ll need to take them over several months, workout really hard, push yourself, and have a superb diet nutrition program set up in order to make the most from any bodybuilding supplement that isn’t SARMs or steroids.