5 Minute Guide: How To Take Liquid SARMs

When it comes to taking SARMs you have several choices for consuming them. But which is best? In this quick guide, you’re going to learn how to take liquid SARMs and understand the different choices you have.

We will discuss the different types of SARMs consumables you can buy, explain exactly how to take SARMs in sublingual dropper bottle format, and explain why it’s probably the best method of using SARMs.

On top of all that, in the next five minutes, you’re going to also learn where you can buy 100% pure oral SARMs at a great price.

The Choices You Have When It Comes To Taking SARMs

 When you come to deciding on the format you want to take SARMs in, you have several choices. Although they all basically come from the same original source of SARMs, they are all slightly different.

You see, SARMs are made of raw powder. That’s then exported from China, or made in the USA (and a few other countries). That powder is then suspended/dissolved into other formats to create the following choices:

  1. Liquid SARMs are the most popular format. That’s where a SARM like S-4 is suspended/dissolved in a carrier liquid. They are then put into a dropper bottle, where one drop equals 1 mg at a certain dose (milligrams/milliliter).
  2. You can just get the raw SARMs powder that the other formats are made from. It’s the cheapest way of buying SARMs, but it’s the most difficult to deal with because you have to weigh it and consume them.
  3. SARMs injectables are also made from the original SARMs powder. They are put into special carrier liquids in sterile bottles so that you can use them to inject straight into your bloodstream.
  4. You can also buy SARMs in capsules. This is the same raw powder measured and put into easy-to-digest capsules, which makes taking SARMs is easy as taking a couple of headache pills.

Is Taking SARMs Orally The Best Method?

So as you can see, there are four different formats you can buy SARMs in. But each of those formats has pros and cons:

  • Liquid SARMs are cheap and easy to make, but difficult to dose if you want to take a dose other than the milligrams per milliliter dose supply
  • Raw powder SARMs are dirt cheap, but difficult to deal with
  • SARMs injectables are affordable and instantly absorbed, but there are always concerns around hygiene and safety
  • SARMs capsules are the ultimate in convenience and exact dosing, but they can often be three times the price of liquid SARMs

The bottom line here is that taking SARMs orally is very easy, and SARMs in that format are safe and affordable. The only downside is the fact that if you buy Ostarine dosed at 30 mg/mL, and you only want to take 20 mg per day, then it’s impossible to break one drop of liquid SARMs down into smaller dose, which means you need to buy SARMs that closely match the dose you want to take.

How To Take Liquid SARMs

Part of the reason why taking SARMs orally is so easy using liquid SARMs is because of the simple process you have to follow. As one drop is a dose (whatever the specified milligrams per milliliter dose is), you simply put one drop under your tongue.

You then let that absorb sublingually for a minute or so. After that, you can swallow, and preferably drink some water to make sure you get the full dose.

The longer you can leave liquid SARMs to absorb under your tongue the better though. They will absorb into the bloodstream, rather than going into the stomach where some of the dose may get broken down and lost.

How To Take Liquid SARMs

Where To Buy High Purity Liquid SARMs

For a variety of reasons, the supply of SARMs generally is drying up. This is especially true in the USA where on top of the pandemic and the Chinese SARMs export ban, there’s also increasing regulatory pressure including FDA scrutiny.

This has meant a lot of good quality SARMs sellers have fallen in the past year or so.

Chemyo are one of the few high quality SARMs sellers left. They have a good range, and in terms of liquid, they sell large 50 mL dropper bottles.

Usually, SARMs are sold in 30 mL dropper bottles. But you are not just getting a larger amount of liquid, doses are pretty similar to other sellers and the total dose per bottle is higher.

So Chemyo are giving you more SARMs for your money, that’s a simple fact.

Prices are incredibly good considering the lack of supply as well.

For example, right now, you can get a 50 mL dropper bottle of Andarine (dosed at 50 mg/mL) for just $74.99.

Overall, there are some compelling reasons for buying from them, which is why I now almost exclusively do:

  • Larger doses
  • High purity SARMs
  • Purity guaranteed through independent lab testing
  • Moneyback guarantee
  • Free domestic shipping over $100
  • Good range of SARMs
  • They also sell powdered SARMs
  • They sell suspension liquid for powder

I’ll just touch on the last two points there. They sell powder and suspension liquid.

Be careful as some of the savings aren’t really worth it. When you cost it up, for a lot of the powdered SARMs they sell, if you buy the suspension liquid as well, you can get your own liquid SARMs at a significant discount over the premixed ones.


Alternatives To SARMs

There are some high quality SARMs alternatives out there. Not as potent as SARMs, but far better than natural bodybuilding.

Also, because they aren’t androgenic, you can run them side effect free underneath the SARMs stack for even better benefits.

Plus, you can continue to run them post cycle to offset some of the problems and benefit with better results than you can naturally.

Brutal Force sell the supplements that I regularly use underneath SARMs stacks.

Named similarly to SARMs, so you understand what they do (for example ANDALEAN and RADBULK), they also sell stacks as well.

So if you are bulking, you can use the Goliath Stack to underpin the SARMs stack you’re using.

Prices are excellent, with up to 50% off the price of stacks. You’ll get one additional month free if you buy two months, and you’ll get free global shipping.

They are capsules not liquid, but they offer fantastic value for conveniently getting things in your body that can assist you in bulking, cutting, and maintaining high levels of output.