How To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test Even At Very Short Notice

Mouth swab drug testing is becoming more frequent in many countries around the world. So, learning how to pass a mouth swab drug test could be important for both your job and your freedom.

Sometimes they are administered at short notice, and you could only have a few minutes to prepare. But don’t worry, because in this complete guide you’re going to learn anything you need to know to pass every time.

We will discuss how a mouth swab drug test works, and when it can be most dangerous. This guide will also cover drug detection times in saliva, how to prepare for a drug test, and tips and tricks to minimize your chances of getting a positive result.

Also, we will cover the Specialist products you can use to pass mouth swab drug tests, and how to prepare for mouth swab drug tests by employers, at places like Amazon, and other big retailers.

The Danger Of A Mouth Swab Drug Test

When it comes to mouth swab drug testing, the biggest danger is that it’s administered on the spot with little notice.

There’s no big preparation, it’s very easy to take a sample. That’s why more and more employers (and some law enforcement) are using this type of test to catch people out.

Plus, the second danger, is that anyone can do them. You don’t need to be specifically trained, you simply collect the sample using the supplied swab (like a huge Q-Tip), then put that into the testing panel kit, and you’ll get a result in around 15 minutes.

How A Mouth Swab Drug Test Is Administered

Let’s quickly tell you exactly what will happen if you are facing an oral drug test.

Sometimes you can get lucky and they will give you the mouth swab and ask you to swab your own mouth, but that’s a rare opportunity.

Usually, the person will tell you to open your mouth, and then use a swab to collect a sample of saliva. They will focus on the area under the tongue, and around the inner gumline on your jaw. That’s because these are the areas where saliva and drug metabolites are most likely to congregate.

Thoroughly collecting a sample from the best areas of the mouth takes less than 15 seconds. That’s how fast it is to catch you out if you are not prepared.

Then, they will place the swab into the drug detection kit. It will react with chemicals on each panel and give a positive or negative result for each type of drug.

Mostly, it will be a five panel drug test. That’s where five panels are tested against, to give five different results for the main types of drugs used. So when you hear about a 10 panel drug test, it just means 10 different types of substances are looked for instead.

It’s the five panel drug test that’s most used. They are dirt cheap to administer, and the pre-employment, and on-the-job purposes, they will almost universally be the level of drug test you face.

The five types of the drug on a five panel drug test are:

  • THC (cannabis)
  • Opiates
  • PCP
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines

So ordinarily, those are the only drug metabolites that can be detected. However, if you are in a more specialist job, or applying for one, then the test you may face could have more testing panels.

When Are You Most Likely To Face A Saliva Drug Test?

Knowing how to prepare to pass a saliva drug test kit means knowing when you’re most likely to face one. In some countries, and some US states, roadside drug testing by law enforcement is possible, as is oral drug testing for probation.

Also, some employers use oral swab drug testing. So it’s important that you know your location and employer, to understand if you are at risk.

This is pretty easy; just use Google to find out if law enforcement and your employer (or prospective employer), in your location, uses drug testing generally, and if mouth swab drug testing has ever been done.

Drug Detection Times In Saliva

If you’re using drugs then you need to know for how long they can be detected in saliva. Thankfully, drug detection times in saliva are not that long, because drug metabolites work their way out of your body quite rapidly from your saliva.

For most drugs, it’s the first 24 hours during which you will be highly detectable, and it tails off dramatically after that. Most drugs are undetectable within 48 hours, and GHB in as little as six hours.

There’s no way to give you a precise elimination time in hours because it can vary due to the following conditions:

  • The skill of the person administering the test
  • Your saliva flow
  • Your general health and fitness
  • Your metabolism
  • Type of drug
  • Dose administered
  • Frequency of dosing

However, what’s generally accepted by all specialists is that pretty much every type of drug is mainly undetectable in saliva 48 hours after you last took them.

Now there may be rare exceptions to this, and if you are a very heavy user of any type of narcotic or prescribed medication, then you could be in danger for up to 72 hours, but generally, light users a clear in 24, moderate within 48, and heavy within 72-96 hours.

Saliva Drug Test Accuracy Information

Saliva drug testing is really only accurate if administered within 24 hours of the drugs being taken. After that, it becomes more of a lottery for both parties.

I can’t speak for every country, but also the saliva drug test accuracy and levels detected matter as well.

In the USA, these are the cut-off levels for the major drug types that are usually detected:

  • Marijuana (THC) 4 ng/ml initially and 2 ng/ml for confirmation
  • Cocaine 15 ng/ml initially and 8 ng/ml for confirmation
  • Heroin 3 mg/ml initially and 2 ng/ml the confirmation
  • Amphetamines/meth 25 ng/ml initially and 15 ng/ml for confirmation
  • Opiates 30 ng/ml initially and 15 ng/ml for confirmation
  • MDMA 25 ng/ml initially and 15 ng/ml the confirmation

Overall, these can only be achieved within the first 24 hours. If you can delay even for a few hours, you can dramatically increase your chances of falling below the detection cut off levels.

how to pass a saliva drug test

Can You Use Home Remedies Instead Of Specialist Products?

The next topic I want to touch on is the use of home remedies to pass an oral swab drug test.

Let me say right the start here that generally, home remedies are utterly useless for passing a drug test. In all of my research over the years I’ve never found one that truly works 100%.

For example, even the Surejell method for passing urine drug testing only partially works, and only then for marijuana metabolites. It gives you a decreased chance of getting detected, but it’s not as thorough as a professional detox drink.

However, the principles of home remedies for swab testing are sound and consist of:

  • Cleaning your gums and mouth generally will remove toxins embedded there.
  • Increasing the rate at which saliva enters and leaves your mouth will process metabolites faster.
  • Any mouthwash can help remove saliva around, and can partially neutralize some toxins.

Therefore, there are some things you can do with home remedies in order to learn how to pass a mouth swab drug test. They won’t guarantee you pass, but they will move metabolites away from your mouth more rapidly than naturally.

#1 Brush Your Teeth Frequently

First, brush your teeth as often as you can. If you get an hour’s notice, brush your teeth three or four times. If you get a day, make sure you brush your teeth 6+ times.

Don’t brush your teeth so hard that you make your gums bleed. Be thorough around the gum line, especially behind the gums on the lower jaw.

#2 Use A Mouthwash

Secondly, use mouthwash frequently. Five or six times per day, and at least a couple of times in the hour before your test. A good quality mouthwash will move saliva out of your mouth, and neutralize some of the toxins.

Some people talk about peroxide saliva drug test benefits. You basically mix hydrogen peroxide with water and use it as a mouthwash. However, in my testing, and research online, it’s no better than using normal mouthwash. There’s nothing about peroxide that deals with drug metabolites specifically.

#3 Consume Fatty Foods & Drinks

Thirdly, fatty foods can get rid of cannabis metabolites more quickly by transporting them out of the mouth. That’s because they are attracted to fat cells and can attached to them.

So have a burger, or some other fatty food or drink, like a full-fat milkshake, in order to draw more toxins away from your mouth.

#4 Chew Gum & Drink Water

Fourthly, chewing is good. It creates higher levels of fresh saliva, and you are swallowing more saliva, moving metabolites through your system quicker.

Also, drink plenty as well. It’s the same principle, although you aren’t creating as much saliva. But you are washing existing saliva away from your mouth more frequently, minimizing the chances of getting toxins trapped.

passing a swab test

Things You Can Do To Minimize Detection

Prior to your test, there are only a few things you can do if you have time, and I’ve outlined them above.

If you think you could be up for a drug test, always carry chewing gum with you at least. Chew it regularly, and drink plenty of water, keep the saliva moving in and out of your mouth to process toxins faster.

When it comes to the actual test itself, there are a couple of things you can do here as well to minimize your chances of being caught out.

The first thing you can do if you are in the fortunate position of being given the swab to do yourself is to angle it so it doesn’t go along the gum line. They will tell you not a to do that, but it’s possible to manipulate the angle to minimize your chances.

Try and swab high up on the cheek, and avoid the underside of the time and gumline as much as possible.

The second thing you can do if they are administering the test is to try and achieve the same.

When they put the swab in your mouth, gag and tell them you have a bit of a gag reflex or sore throat. Try and get them to be less defined with having a swab, and move your mouth to try and direct them higher up if possible.

Make The Most Of The 15 Minute Warning

One top tip I’m going to give you here is that for most situations you will be given 15 minutes warning before a drug test is administered.

The reason for the 15 minutes warning is that you are not meant to eat or drink anything for 15 minutes before a test is administered to avoid causing problems. So unless they do it wrong then you should get 15 minutes notice during which you can potentially prepare.

That’s why carrying specialist products, or at the very least consuming water and gum is vital.

These Are The Specialist Products I Recommend

Now we have discussed how a mouth swab drug test works, how you can prepare for it, and a couple of things you can do to minimize the saliva drug test accuracy, let’s turn our attention to specialist products you can use.

These are the top three products that I have personally tested with home mouth swab drug test kits when researching the product I wanted to use to avoid on-the-job drug testing a few years back.

If you want to know how to pass a mouth swab drug test for Amazon, or any big retailer, in fact anywhere that could use no swab drug testing, then these are the three no-nonsense products that can avoid detection.

1. Oral Clear

Top of my list for every reason is Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum. This stuff is just genius, although it’s very expensive. Oral Clear actually isn’t a gum at all. What you are paying $90 for is a single capsule of highly concentrated neutralizing liquid.

But this stuff is incredible because you can use it with somebody right there in front of you. Imagine the scene. Somebody standing in front of you saying that they need to take a sample. In your pocket, you have the capsule because you knew it was a possibility.

You say okay, and you nod, and cough. You then raise your hand to your mouth, and cough again. In doing so, you move the capsule from the palm of your hand in your pocket to your mouth.

In your mouth, as you cough, you pop the capsule, then close your mouth. Then all you have to say is that you will swallow your gum, swill it around and make a scene of swallowing the gum, then swallow the lot. Oral Clear can be swallowed, including the capsule which dissolves like a medicine capsule.

Your saliva is then neutralized for up to 15 minutes. It’s sheer genius, and although it’s expensive, even when facing a swab test with little notice, it’s going to protect you.

oral clear saliva neutralizing gum

2. Ultra Klean Ultra Wash

Ultra Wash is a product from a company called Ultra Klean. It’s not expensive, costing around $35 for a tiny little bottle. It’s discreet and easy to hide anywhere. When you have notice of an oral swab drug test, all you need is a couple of minutes out of sight in order to use it.

  1. Take the top of the bottle, pour half of the contents into your mouth, and swill it around for 30 seconds. Then spit it out.
  2. Wait another 30 seconds, then pour the other half of the bottle into your mouth. Swill that around 30 seconds, then spit that out.
  3. All you have to do then is dispose of the bottle discreetly, and go and confidently take your drug test within about 15 minutes.

This is a cheap and effective way of passing a drug test. The only downside is that you need to be out of sight to use it.

As I’ve said though, you should normally get at least 15 minutes’ notice, because your mouth has to be clean of food and drink. The problem is you may not have that time out of sight, so if in doubt, go for Oral Clear.

3. Toxin Rid Detox Mouthwash

Third, on my list of the top three professional products that will help you pass an oral drug test is another mouthwash called toxin rid detox mouthwash. Toxin rid mouthwash is made by test clear, the people who make incredible quality detox pills under the same brand name.

It works exactly the same as Ultra Klean mouthwash does. The instructions are identical, and again, you just have to be out of sight.

Toxin rid and Ultra Wash both worked for me using home saliva drug testing kits. They kept me clean for well over 20 minutes, there’s literally nothing to choose between them and pricing is almost identical at about $30.

So if you’re going for a mouthwash rather than Oral Clear then it does come down to personal choice.

Whichever one you choose though, or if you choose oral clear gum, just be aware that they will only neutralize your saliva for around 15 minutes. You might get 30 minutes, but if you have a high level of drug metabolites in your body, then it will be as low as 15.


Saliva Drug Test FAQs

I hope this guide to passing a mouth swab drug test has been useful. I passed an actual mouth swab drug test 18 months ago. It was on-the-job, and I used Oral Clear. I had a wonderful full hours notice, and all I did five minutes before the appointed time was to use Oral Clear.

It worked like a dream, and for discreetness plus convenience, I’m going to recommend it. The only thing that would hold me back would be price, which thankfully wasn’t a problem for me. So let’s finish here by covering some saliva drug test frequently asked questions. These are the ones I get asked most, so let’s put them all together to give you the lowdown you need to complete your knowledge.

1. How do you mess up a mouth swab drug test?

If you want to minimize your chances of detecting by messing up a mouth swab drug test, then there are two ways of doing it.

You can do stuff before the test happens. If you get noticed, brush your teeth frequently, and use mouthwash every couple of hours as well. Drink plenty, eat fatty foods, and chew gum. Anything to flush out your mouth, clean it, and move saliva into your mouth and out as quickly as possible to get the metabolites gone.

During a test, you can try and fool them slightly. Cough and move your mouth, try to make it difficult for them to collect a sample from the bottom of your mouth, especially around the gumline. You can also use Specialist products. Saliva neutralizing mouthwash is cheap and effective. However, Oral Clear gum is the superior product for discreetness and power.


2. Mouth swab drug test accuracy

Mouth swab drug tests are highly accurate. The cut-off rates are similar to urine sample testing, and if you have taken drugs in the previous 24 hours you are probably going to get caught. However, depending on the dose and frequency, and the type of drug, accuracy drops off dramatically from 24 hours onwards.

You can also try and minimize accuracy by taking measures before your test, such as drinking water, chewing gum, cleaning your teeth plenty, and using mouthwash.


3. LabCorp saliva drug test detection times

Saliva drug testing is more ambiguous in terms of how long you will be detectable. It doesn’t matter if your drug test is it LabCorp, Quest, or wherever, there is no guarantee on when you will be clean.

What we do know is that drug metabolites disappear from saliva first, and most quickly. Mostly, unless you take a very high dose, or you are a very frequent user, you are usually undetectable after 24 hours, 48 hours at a maximum for most people.

At the extreme end of the scale, some drugs are detectable for up to 72 hours, but that’s for people who are chronic users. If you are an occasional user, once a week or so, and you’re not taking ridiculous doses, then detection tails off dramatically after 24 hours.

The exception to this is benzodiazepines. Some of the slow-acting ones, especially if you take them frequently, can be detectable for around five days.


4. Does nicotine show up in a saliva drug test?

Nicotine (more accurately cotinine, a byproduct created when nicotine enters the body) does not show up in a standard saliva drug test. What shows up will depend on the panels paid for. The standard five panel drug test looks for major drug types like cocaine and cannabis.

In fact, even the 10 and 12 panel drug test do not look for nicotine. You either have to use a special nicotine drug test panel kit, or it has to be added to an existing kit as a panel.


5. How many days back does a mouth swab drug test go?

How far back a mouth swab drug test can go will depend on several factors. These factors are the type of drug, how frequently, how big the dose is, what else you have taken, your body metabolism, and your general state of health.

However, for a moderate, healthy user, after 24 hours, detection times tail off dramatically. After 48 hours, you would be very unlikely to be caught by mouth swab drug test.

Please note though that some benzos, especially if you’re a frequent user, can take up to 5 days to be undetectable.


6. How to pass a mouth swab drug test in one day

If you have very short notice, one day or less, then it is perfectly possible to pass a mouth swab drug test. You can even pass it with two minutes’ notice, as long as you have specialist products.

If you don’t have any products available, then all you can do if you have a day’s notice is to brush your teeth every hour, use mouthwash every hour, and try and move saliva through your mouth as much as possible.

You can do this by drinking very frequently, especially milk and water. Eat fatty foods, chewing gum, basically anything that moves saliva into your mouth and out again as quickly as possible to process the metabolites so that fewer and fewer appear in your saliva.

If you got specialist products, either saliva neutralizing mouthwash or gum, then you can pass a drug test with as little as two minutes’ notice. The saliva neutralizing mouthwash will need to be out of sight to use it. But for saliva neutralizing gun, you could even use it with somebody in the room with you.


7. Mouth swab drug test did not turn blue

If the mouth swab drug test indicated does not turn blue then it means that you did not provide enough saliva to get an accurate sample. At this point, the test should not continue.

What they will ask you to do in this situation is usually to drink some fluids over about 30 minutes, and then they will retest you.


8. How to pass a saliva drug test for meth

Passing a saliva drug test for meth is no different from passing an oral swab drug test any other type of drug. You will need to brush your teeth frequently, use mouthwash, chew gum, drink plenty of water, and get saliva moving through your mouth as quickly as possible in the time leading up to your test.

You can also use specialist products just before the test like saliva neutralizing mouthwash, or my favorite, saliva neutralizing gum called Oral Clear.

Just be aware that most, methamphetamines are undetectable after 48 hours if you are a recreational user. However, if you are a heavy user, or use very high doses, then they can be detectable for around four days.