My Top Tips For Passing A Urine Sample Drug Test

The most popular type of drug test out there today in the USA, and indeed any country in the world right now, is a urine sample drug test.

There are several reasons for that. Firstly, they are pretty cheap to do, around $60 to commission one.

Secondly, the urine drug test is easy to do. You pee into a cup, they test it quickly, and you get a result.

Thirdly, there is a large infrastructure in place for this type of test. In the USA at least, every area has locations you can go to in order to submit your sample, backed up by a multibillion dollar industry.

Primarily used for employment, but often for various other reasons as well, you could certainly face one at some stage of your life.

If you have taken drugs in the past seven days, then you could get caught out by a urine sample drug test. If you don’t believe in a society where you are caught and punished for something that’s not even influencing you at the time the test is taken, then you need to know how to take countermeasures.

So these are my top tips for passing a urine sample drug test, based on my own research, the experiences of people I trust, and my own experiences with drug testing for employment over the past few years.

How A Urine Sample Drug Test Works

White at the start of this guide, let’s talk you through how urine sample drug test actually works. Let’s explain exactly what the process is when you go along to the location you will submit your sample, and then to the sample afterward.

1. You turn up at the test center. You hand over some ID so that they know the person submitting the sample is the person who should be. Then you’ll usually have some paperwork, or will have to complete some paperwork.

2. You’ll then be shown into another room. They will then talk you through what will happen, and hand over a small cup with the temperature strip on the side.

3. You may then submit the sample in that room, and the person administering the test steps out. But more often you will go behind a screen, or into a separate toilet or room adjacent to the main testing area.

4. When you come out, you hand the sample over. Within two minutes they have to legally check the temperature. Anything between 90°F and 100°F has to be accepted, even though that’s about 5° cooler than urine exits the body. That’s to allow for up to 2 minutes of cooling.

5. After you leave, they will do validity tests on the sample. They will check not only the temperature but also, may test to see if it contains certain chemicals. Basically, they may do checks to test its real.

6. It will then go through stage II. That’s where the sample is analyzed against various panels, or run through digital equipment that does the same thing. The panels/equipment will react if drug metabolites above the cut-off threshold are discovered.

7. If there is any question about the results, or they are suspicious it’s a fake sample, it may go to a full stage III gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis.

8. Usually within 24 hours, but sometimes 48 hours if it’s busy or complex sample/test, the results will be sent to the person who administered the test. You may also get told, but in my experience, people are oblivious of the test results until they are told by their employer, prospective employer, law enforcement officer, or whomever.

The Different Types Of Panel Drug Test And The Drugs They Detect

So that’s exactly how drug tests work, but what are the different types of panel drug tests you could face, and what drugs do they detect?

They are called panel drug tests because they are usually literally panels that the sample is put onto to see if it reacts. However, this could also be digital equipment the tests for different reactions instead.

Even if you’ve never seen a panel drug test, you have probably now see a covert lateral flow test. It’s a similar thing, you put the sample onto a panel, and it will react to tell you if it’s positive or negative.

The most basic level of drug test is the five panel drug test. That’s the one you will read about most. It’s the cheapest, and it’s the one that mostly used in the USA.

However, you may know here about a four panel drug test. That’s the same as a five panel test but without testing for marijuana use.

The reason for the exclusion of marijuana is the changing legal situation in the USA. Some states have legalized recreational marijuana use, and most have now legalized medical marijuana. Also, some companies who are more progressive now don’t see it as such a problem, and so don’t bother excluding otherwise perfect candidates for such a minor drug.

These are the levels of panel drug test and the substances they check for:

  • 5 panel drug test checks for marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines/methamphetamines, PCP
  • 6 panel drug test checks for all the above plus barbiturates
  • 7 panel drug test checks for all of the above plus benzodiazepines
  • 10 panel drug test next all of the above plus methadone, propoxyphene, Quaaludes
  • 12 panel drug test checks for all of the above plus MDMA (ecstasy), oxycodone

In addition to all these, additional panels can be paid for. A warning though: you may not be told this, and you may not know which type of panel test you’re going for.

Overwhelmingly though, it will be the five panel drug test unless you are going for a more specialist job, or applying for a job/working in a more regulated industry like the federal government, federal government outsourcing, truck drivers, police officers, and senior positions.

When You Could Face A Urine Drug Test

In terms of when you could face a urine drug test, it will mostly be for employment purposes. Most companies do some sort of drug test prior to confirming employment, although by no means all employers.

The problem with blanket information is it can actually apply differently for different companies.

Let’s say it’s fast-food franchise chain. They could have 10 branches in a single city. They’ve got federal law, state law, and company policy to deal with. Some branches do urine sample testing for pre-employment, others may do oral swab testing. But some of the other branches simply don’t comply with the policy at all.

So you can get wildly different information about company drug test policies because of all the different rules and regulations, interpretation, and refusal to comply. But it’s sensible to assume you will have a drug test during the pre-employment process.

Also, most companies have a clause about drug testing and drug use in their employment contract. This will also usually talk about intoxication, they being fit for work, bringing the company into disrepute, stuff like that. Which means alcohol, in fact, anything they want.

That means all companies can drug test. But many don’t on-the-job. It’s expensive and it can also mean firing employees who are not under the influence and are incredibly valuable assets. So it’s not usually done annually or on a quota basis.

All companies really do reserve the right to do drug tests though, and if they nearly always have “reasonable suspicion” written into the contract, or conduct a test due to an incident, or in fact anything else, they can request you take a drug test. If you fail then you are in breach of your contract.

Urine sample drug tests are also used for alcohol tests, nicotine tests, and for many other purposes other than employment.

Law enforcement, insurance purposes, to get medical procedures, to be on cessation or addiction programs, there are a lot of times when you could face a urine sample drug test.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what reason the test is administered for, or when it’s administered. What really matters is your ability to pass it.

where to face a drug test

This Is How I Passed My Last Drug Test

I want to talk to you about my own personal experiences with drug testing. I have had years of experience with it, investigated methods all the time, and write widely on the topic.

For me, it’s evangelism in a way. I think it’s insidious that you can turn up for work having had a small number of recreational drugs at the weekend of fun, completely fit to work, not under the influence of anything, and then be requested going take a drug test. You fail and lose your job. How is that fair?

So for me, having the tools and knowledge to get around drug testing is vital, and that’s why I pass it on here.

I last drug test was a urine sample drug test. I use fake urine to pass. Here’s what happened.

I used fake urine with heat activator powder, which means you don’t need to keep the sample warm. Just before you enter the building where I was going to submit my sample I check the temperature and then topped up with the powder until it was within the legal temperature range.

Then, I went in and follow the process. Then you would be unsupervised because 95% of the drug tests are unless it’s for specific legal purposes.

That meant I knew I was going to go to be unsupervised. In that situation, you can simply dispense the liquid from the fake urine bottle into the container within the fill level, hide it again, and then hand the sample over.

There’s not going to be a body search because they aren’t allowed to, again unless it’s for legal reasons like law enforcement. So to smuggle in, it’s as simple as wearing underpants and baggy jogging bottoms and pushing the little sample bottle into the underpants securely.

That’s all there is to it. As long as it’s a good quality fake urine, then unless it faces a full level III analysis, which is really not going to happen unless you submit it outside the correct temperature range, then you’re pretty much guaranteed to pass.

high quality fake urine

Always Have This Plan B Ready To Go If Things Get Messed Up

If you can’t get your hands on fake urine, you’re worried about submitting it within the correct temperature range, or you’re terrified of getting caught, then there is an alternative.

This alternative should also be your plan B, just in case something goes wrong. In fact, you could do plan A (synthetic urine) and plan B at the same time to double down and ensure that no matter what happens, you will get caught.

Plan B is a high-quality detox drink.

About 90 minutes before you leave, you drink the drink and then over the next hour urinate three times, with the last time at the end of the hour.

This ensures the toxins are pushed out of your body, and that the fresh urine entering your bladder will be toxin-free, and balanced because the detox drink replaces everything that is being forced out.

It only does this for a short while, and toxins in your body will start to appear in your urine again after a few hours, but it does give you a small window of opportunity.

If you’re worried about getting caught, use a detox drink. If it’s a supervised drug test, use a detox drink.

Mega clean detox drink

If you’re not sure you’ll have the bottle to sneak the bottle in, or you’re not sure if it’s a supervised or unsupervised drug test, then take the urine along, and do the detox drink beforehand. That way, you’ll know you simply cannot get caught out matter what you face at the test center.

So there you go, that’s what happens with urine sample drug tests.

Now you know exactly what one is, how it’s used, and how you can evade it. It’s really not difficult to do, you just need the right products, and a little knowledge, which I’ve now given you.

You can read the other content on my site here to learn about the brands of fake urine and detox drinks that could work for you, and information about current drug testing policies.