Oxytocin Acetate Spray: Can It Really Kick Your Love Life Into Action?

Oxytocin is a hormone in the body that is little known, but has an incredible range of effects and importance. It’s artificial peptide form, Oxytocin Acetate, is claimed to have the same effects.

In this review I’m going to tell you the truth based on my own research into this peptide.

I’ll tell you how Oxytocin works in the body, both good and bad. Plus, explain what Oxytocin Acetate nasal spray effects can be in comparison to the naturally occurring hormone.

I’ll also talk you through dosing, and cycle length (how long you should use this peptide for).

Plus, I’ll also cover what format you can buy Oxytocin in, and where you can buy the best format at the best price to experiment with.

How Oxytocin Works In The Body

Oxytocin is a hormone produced in the hypothalamus. From there, it secreted via the pituitary gland into the bloodstream.

It’s not Oxycontin, or Oxycodone. These are similarly named chemicals which people get confused with Oxytocin. Those are actually opiate medications, and nothing to do with the hormone, or the synthetic version of it.

Oxytocin has a wide range of effects in the body, which I will explain in a moment.

However, when you are buying Oxytocin Acetate, you are buying a peptide. This is a segment of the hormone that recreates the effects. So it’s artificial, and not the actual hormone from the human body.

Oxytocin Effects That Naturally Occur

In women, Oxytocin has a couple of really significant roles. Firstly, higher levels of it can induce a labor. That’s why it’s actually administered to women who are late in some circumstances.

Also, elevated levels of it after the birth help the mother to bond with the baby, and it starts to stimulate milk production. So it’s crucial to the beginnings of human life.

However, Oxytocin has a surprising range of benefits when produced naturally:

  • Increases feelings of closeness
  • Increases feelings of tribalism and shutting out outsiders
  • Helps form attachments and stronger close bonds
  • Can induce labor
  • Stimulates “milk let down”
  • Evidence it lessens social problems from autism
  • Increases paternal feelings
  • Lowers levels of anxiety and stress
  • Amplifies emotionally charged memories (both good and bad)
  • Can decrease appetite
  • Enhances naturally protective instincts
  • Lowers feelings of depression
  • Can improve sexual feelings and pleasure

As you can see, that’s one hell of a long list. A lot of that is fundamental to humans at the beginning of life, and as social animals.

I will just say that those things can be amplified as good or bad. Negative memories, attachments, the exclusion of outsiders, can all be amplified negatively with high levels of this hormone.

Oxytocin Acetate Peptide Use: Effects & Benefits

How does Oxytocin Acetate (the artificial version) compare in terms of the effects it can produce?

Let’s just go through the list of positive things that people have reported when using Oxytocin.

1. It’s known as the “cuddle chemical”, and even more notably as the “love hormone”. High levels of it can form strong sexual and emotional attachment. That can be both good or bad as I will talk about later. However, it’s been noted by many that it increases emotional closeness.

2. People use it as a fidelity boosting supplement. It’s been suggested by studies that men are less likely to stray when they have high levels of this supplement. But it also works for women in the same way. Ethically, that’s not the reason anybody should be encouraging a partner to use it for though. That could also backfire, because if your partner is feeling negative towards you, it can increase the intensity of those emotions instead.

3. Sexually, it’s been proven to enhance feelings of happiness and closeness with a partner. This is both in terms of the overall feeling of closeness at that moment and in the relationship, but also enhanced sexual feelings and gratification.

4. Studies have shown that it can elevate the levels at which positive memories are remembered and recalled. So positive memories, especially between sons and mothers, appeared to be heightened. They will be recalled more positively and with more fondness. However, conversely, negative feelings could also be felt and expressed more strongly as well.

5. Stress, depression, and anxiety levels have all been shown to be reduced when Oxytocin levels are higher. It can make you feel calmer, more positive, and more focused.

6. People with sleep disorders have reported more restful sleep and a calmer mind, including dreams, when supplementing with Oxytocin Acetate.

Is Oxytocin Really Going To Enhance My Relationships & Sex Life?

One of the main reasons that people look into Oxytocin is because they hear about its potential as the cuddle chemical, or love hormone.

So what exactly can it do to enhance your relationships and sex life?

Well, firstly, a lot of people do report it makes them feel closer to their partner. They feel enhanced happiness and contentment. They also feel more in love.

Secondly, sexually, it also seems to make a difference. Not only does the whole sexual experience feel more urgent and heightened, but you feel more satisfaction afterwards as well.

Overall, it seems to make you feel closer to those you have a connection with. When you are first in love with someone it’s already been scientifically proven that you have very high levels of Oxytocin produce, which seems to form an attachment in the brain.

Which means you could use this to enhance the romantic and sexual sides of your relationship.

Oxytocin For Autism

One study showed that a single Oxytocin Acetate nasal spray dose significantly enhanced the ability for an autistic person to function socially for several hours.

It was noted that they were able to make more eye contact, were more fluent, and more confident.

However, I would point you to the fact that they can be negative emotions generated when experimenting with Oxytocin as well. For that reason, if you are autistic, I would strongly suggest you are very careful if you decide to try Oxytocin to alleviate your symptoms.

Important Oxytocin Warnings & Side Effects To Be Aware Of

Overall, Oxytocin seems to have some really good benefits if you can get a strong enough dose and react well to it.

But it’s not all good, and any reasonable Oxytocin review has to tell you about the downside as well.

Oxytocin amplifies intense emotional feelings. These can be good or bad.

It’s been shown that women in abusive relationships also seem to have higher levels of Oxytocin, in common with women in really good relationships.

So the bond and feelings can be made stronger whether it’s unusually strong good or bad emotions. That could have significant implications, and maybe even explain partly why people who have abusive relationships tend to end up in subsequent ones as well, or return to an abusive partner.

Also, memories that are bad can be re-called more intensely and more negatively than normal as well. So it’s not just good memories that will be enhanced to make you feel fantastic, you could also feel worse.

But overall, not many people report these negative traits when using Oxytocin as a supplement. But you should obviously tread carefully.

My final word on negatives around Oxytocin is if you are pregnant do not go near this at all. It’s used to induce labor in some cases, and could definitely cause a miscarriage.

Dosing & Cycling Oxytocin

If you’re going to use Oxytocin Acetate, I’m going to recommend you use the spray version.

You can also buy it as a liquid, powder, and even as a body/environmental spray. But for me, they just aren’t going to work very well.

The reason you need the nasal spray is that Oxytocin does not cross the blood-brain barrier very well. You’ll need a higher dose than is often recommended, just to get enough to start experiencing anything.

Using the spray, you’re going to need between 3-500 mcg as a daily dose. It’s quite long lasting, so you should only need to use it once per day. That’s all I would recommend in the beginning, just in case it does affect you negatively.

I’d also recommend after a couple of weeks that you take a week or two off. That way you can have a break, and also monitor any changes. This is an artificial hormone you are pumping into your body, so you need to be aware of changes and problems.

Where To Buy Oxytocin Acetate Nasal Spray

Let’s end this review with my verdict. It’s worth trying Oxytocin Acetate. It can have positive effects sexually and emotionally.

But you must be aware it can have a downside. There are certain situations during which you shouldn’t go near this supplement, and whenever you use it, you should be cautious of any negative emotional feelings or responses.

It’s quite affordable to buy as a nasal spray.

From Science.bio it costs just $49.99 for an overall dose of 30 mg. That will give you 10 average doses, which if you space them out will last you several weeks.