SARM MK-677 Bodybuilding Results & How To Get Them

MK-677 isn’t a SARM. I thought I’d get that shocker out of the way at the start of this MK-677 review for you.

What I’m going to do here is tell you exactly what is, and how it works to bulk muscle and strength and bone. I’ll talk to you about typical (realistic) MK-677 results over your first cycle, what dosage range you need to be using, and how to create a basic MK-677 stack.

You’ll also learn about potential side effects, and where you can buy the MK-677 where it’s pure, guaranteed, and well priced.

What Is MK-677 & How Does It Work?

SARM stands for “selective androgen receptor modulator”. So it selectively modulates messages to androgen receptors, which help to build muscle and cut fat.

MK-677 doesn’t work like that though. MK-677, also known as Nutrobal or Ibutamoren, mimics a hormone called ghrelin. This growth stimulating hormone increases plasma availability of HGH (human growth hormone) which manages the signals that tell muscles and bones in the body to grow.

But elevating HGH also leads to more production of something called IGF-1. This also tells your body to build more muscle, and to do it faster. But more than that, it also stops the body adding fat.

SARMs are not like anabolic steroids. Although it will send messages telling your body to grow, it won’t produce spectacular results unless it’s backed up by a very progressive gym routine, basically you have to push yourself hard and back it up with great diet. If you do that, then even using MK-677 on its own can produce pretty spectacular results though.

SARM Mk 677 Nutrobal

MK-677 Cycle And How To Dose

So the first thing you need to learn before starting your first MK-677 cycle is how much of this stuff do you need to take each day to get the results you need.

The problem with all SARMs is that there is no real-world evidence for dosing. There are sporadic studies in animals and humans, and a lot of anecdotal MK-677 bodybuilding forum information about dosing it, but that’s it.

But generally, the dose ranges are from 10 mg at the low end through to 30 mg at the high end. Higher than that doesn’t seem to produce the same incremental results.

In terms of an MK-677 cycle, on its own I’d suggest you can push this for 10 weeks. Because it is not an androgen modulator it won’t hit your testosterone levels. There are side effects, which I will cover in a moment, but most of them are minor.

So put together, your initial test MK-677 cycle should look like this:

  • Dose MK-677 at between 10 and 30 mg per day. You could do this all the way through, or you could progress it, say 10 mg the first two weeks, then increase it by 5 mg two weeks
  • Stick to an initial cycle of around 10 weeks. You could push it to 12 weeks which would allow you to hit that maximum 30 mg dose
  • You won’t need a PCT (post cycle therapy) supplement using MK-677 in a cycle on its own because it doesn’t decrease testosterone levels

Creating A Basic MK-677 Stack

Stacking SARMs is a huge topic on its own, and I don’t have the time to go through it all here in this brief MK-677 review.

But what I can do is give you an example of the bulking stack that I have used successfully for quite some time now.

Over one cycle this can really pack on bulk and strip fat. The MK-677 Stack, dosage, and cycle details are:

  • MK-677 dosed at 15 mg three weeks then 20 mg three weeks
  • Ostarine dosed at 25 mg for the whole cycle
  • RAD-140 dosed at 7 mg three weeks then 10 mg for three weeks
  • Total cycle length is six weeks
  • PCT break between cycles is a minimum four weeks

You will need a PCT supplement because RAD-140 Testolone is highly suppressive, especially at higher doses of 10 mg or more. You could use Nolvadex, but if you suffer significant testosterone level drops then switch to Clomid.

Nolvadex PCT

MK-677 Results From One Cycle

So let me now just talking through my own personal MK-677 results after one cycle on its own, and also as part of the bulking stack I just talked through.

If you work hard, pushing yourself as hard as you can several times a week in the gym, and backing it up with cardio work outside. Then you put in excellent nutrition and rest, then you can get the following MK-677 results it just one 10-week cycle:

  • Significant increase in lean muscle mass above what can be achieved naturally
  • The muscle you pack on will be harder
  • Muscle growth and repair faster
  • Your overall recovery times will dramatically improve (mine were 50% up)
  • You’ll feel stronger through ligament, muscle and bone improvement
  • Skin and hair will improve due to regenerative nature of this SARM
  • You will sleep better as well

You’re going to have to work hard. This won’t come free. Hit the gym more often, push yourself harder. You’re really going to have to do some work, but will see the results in one MK-677 cycle I’m telling you. When you’re stacking it, those results are even more pronounced.

A great bit of advice here is to do before and after photos yourself. That way you can check your progress because it’s easy to forget as the body development you’ll see will be so incremental.

MK-677 Side Effects

So look, I’ve covered all the positives of using MK-677 for bodybuilding. You’ll get great results in just one cycle. But there are some side effects that you need to be aware of.

The main one is that you will feel hungry. This could be detrimental if you’re eating the wrong thing because you will put on weight. But if it’s managed and channeled, then it can help you to eat lots of protein and nutrients that will fuel your energy levels and muscle growth.

The other thing is that using MK-677 can raise your blood pressure. For some people hardly anything at all, but for a few people it will be significant. If you have elevated blood pressure already, then you need to monitor yourself carefully. Get yourself checked out before you start the cycle, and then at the end of the cycle to see what the changes are.

MK 677 stack

Where To Buy Pure MK-677 That Works

As with all supplements SARMs are only going to work for you and be safe if you can get 100% pure powder, liquid, or capsules.

That really narrows it down as I’ve found to my cost through buying and researching. A lot of SARMs are made in China, and some of them are very good. Worse than that, when they are imported, sometimes through chains of importers and exporters, they can be cut with other things to make them go further or increase the potency.

In some horror story circumstances it’s been found anabolic steroids have been pumped into SARMs to make them more potent.

So what you’re looking for is SARMs vendors that only sell guaranteed 100% pure SARMs. The guarantee is that they have independent third-party lab testing done on each batch, and they publish those results on the website.

I’m now going to recommend to you three places to buy SARMs. If you’re wondering where to buy MK-677 in the USA, or in Europe, these are the three stores that sell SARMs pure and guaranteed.


This is an incredible online store based in the USA. It’s been around for a long time, but it was trading under another name until about a year ago.

They offer a full range of SARMs in both powder and sublingual suspension liquid format. I’d always go for the liquid myself even though it’s more expensive, because it’s just so much easier to deal with.

Let’s talk about buying MK-677 from this company. 1000 mg of powder costs $49.99. That’s a lot of doses for 50 bucks. The sublingual liquid is slightly more expensive, you’ll be paying $49.99 for 750 mil dropper bottle (dosing at 25 mg/mL) but that still a lot of doses the money. Great prices and fast service make this an excellent choice.


Second on my list Swisschems, another long established and high-quality SARMs seller. They are definitely one of the best places to buy MK-677.

They don’t sell SARMs powder, just sublingual, suspended liquid SARMs. The quality is completely pure, and unlike nearly every other SARMs seller, the SARMs are manufactured in the USA for that extra peace of mind.

But that quality and local construction does mean you will pay more. 15 mL of liquid at 25 mg/mL (total dose 305 mg) will cost $49.99. But you do also get free shipping on orders over $75.


Third on the list, although not third in terms of quality are Sarms4You. This company is based in the EU, so they are the obvious first choice if you live in, or near, Europe.

Prices are more expensive because they only sell powder and capsules. The powder is cheap, but capsules are the most expensive way of consuming SARMs. That’s because they are more expensive to make. They do offer the best convenience and you don’t have to worry about dosing yourself wrongly though.

MK-677 capsules cost €74.95 (about $85) for 60 capsules each dosing 10 mg. However, they do often have sales (look at the top of the site, when I checked today there was a 30% discount code which is incredible), and you get free shipping.