Are Ostarine Before And After Photos True: What’s Realistic?

Ostarine is often described as the mildest SARM for because it’s the original one, the starting point, and the newer ones have been developed to be stronger than it is. That’s not the whole story though. The problem is that those Ostarine before and after photos you see online show bulking and cutting results on a level with steroids. So what’s the truth?

So what I’m going to do here is talk you through everything you need to know about Ostarine. It’s not a magic bullet I’m afraid, is important to say that be realistic. I’ll tell you why, and also tell you how to get the most out of it: Ostarine results from one cycle, dosage instructions, and what realistic before and after will look like after one cycle.

Plus, I’ll tell you guys where you can find safe Ostarine for sale that is not cut with anything else, doesn’t contain steroids or prohormones, and is purity guaranteed.

What Is SARM Ostarine?

So Ostarine is the original Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM). This was the first in a class of drugs aimed at confronting and combating muscle wasting problems and degenerative illnesses. Its goal was to preserve and even build lean muscle mass when people couldn’t exercise or were living in a calorie deficit.

Ostarine is also known as Enobosarm. It’s often been sold amongst the bodybuilding community under the name Ostamuscle, or just Osta. But confusingly, it’s also known by two alphanumeric names as well, GTX024 and MK-2866.

But mostly it’s known as MK-2866 or Ostarine, and it was developed by a company called GTx during the late 90s.

It’s already completed phase II human trials. But since these were completed in 2007 things haven’t progressed, or at least nothing has been publicly announced.

The company that owns the formula right is trying to find a use for it where it actually passes full human trials and can then be marketed and sold under license.

As of 2018 though, no other proven use has been found beyond its ability to preserve lean muscle mass.

But the takeaway from this history lesson is that Ostarine is safe. Unlike a lot of SARMs, it’s actually passed significant human trials, and no troubling long-term side effects at moderate doses have ever been found. The Ostarine you are buying online though is a grey market. It’s a re-creation of that licensed formula.

How Ostarine MK-2866 Works

When we talk about how SARMs work, the problem in explaining that is that there are actually different mechanisms of action.

Some SARMs like Ostarine are anabolic. But others are PPAR-delta agonists, amongst other methods of action. But it’s only the anabolic SARMs which can cause the side effects of testosterone drop, and that’s important to understand.

So in terms of the anabolic SARM MK-2866 Ostarine, it works to benefit bodybuilders and the following ways:

  1. The main benefit of Ostarine for bodybuilders is the ability to cut fat while preserving muscle. It’s not actually fully understood what its mechanism of action is, but it’s thought that it basically tells the body to burn fat rather than proteins. This not only helps to cut body fat more dramatically than normal, but it also leaves better protein availability for muscle preservation and development.
  2. Ostarine has the potential to actually build muscle. Although it’s always billed as a fat burner and muscle preserver, if you work out hard enough on a higher dose you can also actually repair and build muscle faster than normal. But it’s not dramatic, although alongside hard work you will definitely build more muscle than you can naturally.
  3. Ostarine has all the benefits of an anabolic SARM on a minor level with strong fat cutting and muscle preservation traits, but with only minor testosterone level drops under normal circumstances.
  4. Ostarine is one of the few anabolic SARMs that can be used post cycle. As long as the dose is low, and you are using a PCT supplement, it can be used to preserve muscle mass and burn fat while you recover from stronger anabolic SARMs that you have stacked.

Ostarine Benefits Specific To Bodybuilders

So hopefully you’ve got a bit of a better idea now about how Ostarine works generally.

Let’s just take a quick look at the specific benefits that bodybuilders get from using Ostarine.

I’m talking here about using Ostarine on its own, not stacking it with other SARMs (although that’s where you will get the highest potency because it will be stripping fat while other SARMs build muscle).

But generally, Ostarine benefits for bodybuilding are:

  • Ostarine will protect your muscle gains, even in a calorie deficit
  • Ostarine tells the body to preserve muscle mass and to burn fat rather than proteins
  • you will get up to 5% loss in body fat in one 8-10 week cycle
  • MK-2866 Ostarine has the ability to even repair and build muscle because of its anabolic nature

So Ostarine is a great beginner SARM because it’s mild. But it will help to preserve your gains and cut body fat. So on its own, it’s brilliant for recomping so you are then ready to use more aggressive anabolic SARMs to bulk up.

SARMs results

Ostarine Before & After Realistic Ostarine Results

But what actually are the realistic Ostarine before and after results you can expect?

Well, you have to realize a lot of those before and after photos you see out there are nothing to do with Ostarine or even SARMs. They are sometimes just stolen photos, or they are from anabolic steroid use. Or they are SARMs but over multiple cycles, basically, you’re seeing the best possible scenario.

From your first cycle of Ostarine, alongside a really good gym routine that progresses and pushes you to personal bests, allows you to recover, backed up by a great diet, you could expect the following realistic Ostarine results:

  1. A 5% drop in body fat is realistic. But only if you eat properly. Small portion sizes frequent meals, plenty of protein, cutting out fat, sugar all that rubbish. But if you are disciplined you can do it.
  2. Your gains will be preserved, even while you are in a calorie deficit. This stuff is amazing for protecting muscle.
  3. You’ll also potentially gain muscle. If you are hitting personal bests, really working hard then you can potentially gain muscle as well as preserve it, at the same time your stripping fat. But it won’t be dramatic, that’s important to note.
  4. By the end of your first cycle, your before and after photos will look very different if you stick to what I’ve told you. In fact, make sure you do before and after photos of yourself because as it’s going to be incremental developmental change, you’ll want to see what the difference is at the end of your first cycle.

Ostarine is not a miracle pill. SARMs aren’t, they have to be backed up by rigorous gym work and a great diet to really change your physique. But even as the mildest anabolic SARM Ostarine MK-2866 will improve your muscle tone, cut fat, and help to improve your strength.

Ostarine Cycle & Dosing

Dosing Ostarine is pretty simple because it’s not suppressive unless you get a very high dose, I’m taking 50 mg a day, something like that.

The “sweet spot” for Ostarine dosage appears to be between 15-40 mg. Below 15 mg, on its own, you won’t really notice much apart from a little bit of fat stripping. Above 40 mg the positive benefits don’t continue to increase. Also, above 30-40 mg per day and Ostarine can be suppressive.

So let’s say you’re going to start with SARMs by doing a cycle of Ostarine on its own. It’s mild, so it’s safer to use and you won’t have any problems with testosterone drop. Here’s what I would recommend you do for your first Ostarine cycle:

  • Dose 20 mg of Ostarine per day for the first four weeks
  • Dose 30 mg of Ostarine per day for the second four weeks
  • Hit the gym three times per week and do to lots of cardio outside of this
  • Your diet has to be superb, consisting of lean proteins, and partially be in a calorie deficit
  • Total first Ostarine cycle is therefore 10 weeks
  • You shouldn’t require a PCT supplement

Using Ostarine Post Cycle

Some people advocate using Ostarine post cycle as well. As long as you keep the dose low and you haven’t suffered from massive testosterone drops during your cycle then that’s perfectly viable.

Ostarine post cycle can help to protect your muscle gains and help you to strip fat while you recover your testosterone levels and have a break from stronger SARMs.

I recommend the dose of just 15 mg during your first post cycle gap. You can always change that a 20 mg if you’re feeling none of the symptoms of testosterone drop after your first week. Just make sure you are aware of the signs of testosterone suppression and have something like Nolvadex to hand as a PCT supplement.

dosing ostarine

Finding Safe Ostarine For Sale

So let’s finish this Ostarine review by telling you where you can find Ostarine for sale that is absolutely pure.

Buying Ostarine that’s pure is almost as difficult to achieve as finding genuine Ostarine before and after photos that aren’t actually a result of multiple cycles of SARMs or photos of someone who is actually taking steroids.

Three online SARMs sellers I’m going to tell you about our all places that are perfect for buying Ostarine that pure. They all batch-test the SARMs that they get, and they publish those independent lab test reports on their product pages so that you can see the purity of what you are buying for yourself.


One of the best places I’ve found to buy SARMs online is They sell all the major types of SARMs in both bulk raw powder format and sublingually administered liquid dropper bottle SARMs.

Everything is quality guaranteed due to purity reports published on the product pages, and prices are really good.

In terms of buying MK-2866, 900 mg retails at $44.99. That’s a concentration of 30 mg/mL, which is an ideal strong dose. The powder is even cheaper, at $30 for a larger 1000 mg dose. But just be aware that powder is far more difficult to deal with in terms of getting the exact dose and consuming it.

  1. Swiss Chems

Second on my list of places to find genuine Ostarine for sale are Swiss Chems. These are also based in the USA and that they have been around for quite some time. I had a couple of orders successfully delivered from these guys and the quality has been just as good as

Again, you get the purity reports published on the website so that you know you are buying 100% pure Ostarine.

For pricing, you are looking at spending more money. That’s because Swiss Chems only sell powder SARMs in capsules. Putting the powder in capsules is quite a painful process which is why they cost so much more. They are very convenient for dosing compared to loose powder or liquid SARMs though.

The Ostarine they have for sale is therefore slightly higher in price. 38 x 10 mg tablets retails at $75. That’s a total dose of 380 mg. If money is no object it’s a great option, but when you could be dosing three tablets per day, that’s only 10 day’s worth of dosing.

So you might want to use this alongside loose powder to lower the price. Tablets are great though for convenience, especially if you are dosing on the move, so combining them with Ostarine powder and liquid is a great idea.

  1. Proven Peptides

Third on my list of the best SARMs sellers are Proven Peptides. That doesn’t put them in third place though, because the SARMs they sell are exceptional in quality. This quality is guaranteed and the lab test reports are right there on every product page.

The difference between Proven Peptides and my other two recommended vendors is that they are not only based in the USA, but the SARMs they sell are made in the USA as well. Swiss Chems and buy their SARMs in from China. Not that that’s a problem in terms of the purity and quality, but a lot of people like the fact that they are buying USA.

Things are going to change to anyway as China has actually banned making and selling SARMs, so any SARMs you buy soon will have to have been made in the USA, as long as the USA doesn’t also ban the sale and manufacture of them.

Pricing is also good. A 30 mL dropper bottle, dosed at 25 mg/mL, retails at $49.99. That’s a total Ostarine dosage of 750 mg.