Stenabolic SR9009 Review: Effects, SR9009 Dosage + Before & After Results

In this SR9009 review, you going to learn everything you need to successfully use this potent supplement to its best effects. You’ll learn about how it works, the correct SR9009 dosage range, and the typical results you expect.

But more than that, we’re going to go into Stenabolic SR9009 in greater detail, and with more honesty than a lot of reviews out there. We will talk about what realistic before and after results are, what sort of cycle you should use, and what SR9009 is best stacked with.

All that, plus you’ll also learn the top three places online that sell 100% pure and guaranteed SR9009 alongside SARMs.

Is SR9009 A SARM?

SR9009, also called Stenabolic, is lumped in with SARMs on websites that sell them. That confuses people into thinking that it is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator.

But the truth is that SR9009 has a completely different mechanism of action. It does not interact with androgen receptors (testosterone) in muscle tissue at all. It’s a REV-ERBa agonist.

What that means is that it works by attaching itself to those special types of protein in the body. It then regulates what they do in the following ways:

  1. REV-ERBa proteins predominantly help our circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is the thing that gives us wakefulness and promotes sleep. It creates the sleep/wake cycle of life. The better it works, the more alert we are, and the better we rest.
  2. SR9009 helps the body to burn fat better. It does this because those regulated proteins help with the management of burning fat and glucose for energy. You will simply have more energy, and this is noticeable quite quickly.
  3. SR9009 helps to reduce levels of inflammation. Inflammation can be a problem in joints, which is why we ache after a heavy workout. By reducing the inflammation, and fueling the muscle recovery with what it needs energy and repair, we can get back in the gym faster
  4. This stuff will make you feel alive. You will feel much more alert using it. Your sleep better, and while you’re awake will be more “on it”.

SR9009 Results For Bodybuilders: What’s Typical?

Now when you’re reading SARMs reviews, you’ll see talk of incredible results. I’m telling you that those aren’t typical, those are optimal, and a lot of them aren’t even telling the truth.

Those could be stock photos, and the claims could just be not true. They could be after several cycles, or they could include steroids.

So what are the typical positive effects and SR9009 results you can expect? Well, this was my experience after my first cycle:

  1. I definitely felt a sharp increase in energy. This happened within a couple of days of starting and ramped up to a maximum after about a week. Not like steroid energy, not like a rush or a high, just more vigilant, more concentrated, more up for it. In the gym, this also translated into more stamina.
  2. I burned more fat. I did cut calories, but it was far more than that. I could tell that my body was losing fat at a rate that it’s simply never had before.
  3. I slept better. I felt much more rested. And when I woke up, I was much more alert more quickly, and just felt like I was switching between day and night mode better.
  4. I definitely recovered quicker. I’m not young, but I was turning myself around for another gym session within 48 hours when I usually allow 72 hours because I can struggle with bad muscle stiffness.

So don’t expect miracles with SR9009. On its own, it’s not going to pump you up, and it’s not going to dramatically cut fat, but it will do it faster than you can naturally.

But it will give you a lot more energy. In combo with other SARMs, it can underpin them and create a real rush of energy that can allow you to build more muscle and cut more fat.

SR9009 Dosage

Because it’s a research chemical it’s never been through proper human trials, there is no official SR9009 dosage range. But what we can do is look at the anecdotal evidence from the bodybuilding community over the past 10 years.

A low dose is typically around 10 mg. That’s what I started with the first time out, and it definitely produced significant energy and fat burning results. A typical midrange dose is around 20 mg. A high SR9009 dose is usually 30 mg.

Some guys will say they push 50 mg, but I wouldn’t run that much of pretty much any SARM, even Ostarine.

This stuff is playing with your circadian rhythm. It might not have any long-term negative effects, but I wouldn’t want something that crucial to my wellbeing to be affected permanently.

Stenabolic SR9009 Cycle

Just as there is no official dosage range, it’s the same with trying to determine what an optimal SR9009 cycle length would be.

I tend to just do eight weeks for all SARMs. As I use SR9009 to underpin bulking and cutting, then I do eight weeks on, and eight weeks off.

You could choose a completely different cycle. If you’re just starting out, I’d advocate eight weeks on, then eight weeks off just to make sure. You can always add two weeks to your cycle if you have no problems.

What Does SR9009 Stack With Best?

Because SR9009 delivers a strong physical energy boost and cuts fat, it’s brilliant for the cutting phase. You can stack it with Ostarine, or LGD-4033 if you want something stronger, to maintain your gains, and cut a lot of fat.

You can also use it to underpin a bulking phase. One cycle of this boosting your energy levels and cutting fat while you hit your androgen receptors in your muscle tissue using something like RAD-140 can pack on serious bulk.

It’s very similar to Cardarine in its effects, and you can swap either one out to produce energy that underpins the SARMs cycle, but I wouldn’t actually recommend using them both at once because it could just overpower you with energy that is exhausting.

SR9009 Before & After Warning

Before I conclude this review, I want to talk to you about those SR9009 before and after photos, you will see online when you read reviews.

A lot of those are fakes. They are all stock photos, stolen, or they represent the results of multiple cycles. Worse than that, they can be as a result of anabolic steroid use rather than SARMs at all.

My advice is simple. Take photos before yourself, and take photos during a cycle to monitor your progress, and compare at the end.

Doing your own SR9009 before and after results will really help you to see how it’s working for you, and what to tweak for your next cycle/stack.


Where To Buy Stenabolic SR9009

The conclusion of this Stenabolic SR9009 review is that it’s fantastic on its own to boost your energy and cut fat, but you won’t get muscle gains or maintenance (despite what some reviews claim).

So it’s great for underpinning other SARMs in a stack because it helps you do all that and recover more quickly.

One of the most crucial things you need to do is to find SR9009 for sale that’s pure in the first place. If you don’t, then much of your effort will be wasted.

You’re looking for retailers that guarantee purity. Because there is a lot of rubbish out there. That means that every batch of SARMs they sell has been independently lab tested for purity, and those reports published on the website that’s selling the SARMs.

The following three SARMs sellers all do exactly that:

  1. Proven Peptides

One of the top SARMs sellers in the USA, these guys are been around since 2015 and have never let me down.

The SARMs they sell are made in the USA, as you can expect to pay a little bit more than those that sell Chinese made SARMs.

They only sell liquid SARMs. A 30 mL dropper bottle of SR9009 costs $74.99. UPDATE: Unfortunately Proven Peptides is out of business.


Another SARMs seller based in the USA, they are also well-established and are very reliable and trustworthy to buy from. They also have those all-important quality guarantees published on their website.

They sell powder and liquid SARMs. 1000 mg of raw powder costs $59.99, while a 600 mg total dose of SR9009 liquid costs $49.99.

  1. SARMS 4 YOU

These are based in the European Union, in Holland (Netherlands). If you live in Europe, that makes them ideal because you won’t have such an issue with getting SARMs through customs.

Prices are a little higher, and they only sell powder and capsules. Capsules are always slightly more expensive, but they do offer the best convenience for exact dosing and not having to deal with powder.

In terms of pricing, a total SR9009 dosage of 1000 mg in raw powder format costs $65.95. If you want the ultra-convenient capsules, then you will get 6450 $9.95, each dosing 10 mg.