TB-500 Peptide: Dosage, Effects, Results & Where To Buy

TB-500 has been used for decades in the world of horseracing (and other animals sports as well). It’s been used to improve the performance during racing, and to help minimize the chances of injuries.

Plus, crucially, it’s been used to recover animals from injuries far faster.

In recent years, the TB-500 peptide has also been used by humans for bodybuilding purposes. In this guide, I’m going to talk you through everything you need to know about using TB-500 for bodybuilding purposes. I will cover exactly what is, how it works, and how to administer the correct TB-500 dosage.

I’ll also compare TB-500 to BPC-157, as well as tell you where you can find it for sale at a good price.

What Is TB-500 Exactly?

Let’s start with the very basics. TB-500 is a synthetic version of the peptide called Thymosin, which naturally occurs in humans and animals.

Thymosin was first discovered in the 1960s, and research was done into its impact on the thymus gland and its production.

Dr. Allan Goldstein went on to formulate Thymosin Alpha 1 as something that could increase immune cell activity.

Thymosin Beta 4 is the formulation that’s most modern and is otherwise referred to as TB-500. However, it’s important to note that Beta 1-4 are the naturally occurring peptides that are artificially synthesized, whereas TB-500 is an artificial copy and not the actual peptide produced naturally.

So Thymosin Beta 4 is pretty hard to come by, which is why the artificial TB-500 is what you will actually be getting regardless of how it’s described.

How Can TB-500 Benefit Bodybuilding?

Studies, along with anecdotal observational evidence in humans and animals has shown that TB-500 has the ability to deliver the following potential benefits:

  • Great endurance
  • Faster and larger muscle growth
  • Increased strength
  • Reduction of pain and inflammation
  • Acceleration of healing in wounds and muscle tissue

Putting all that together, you can see exactly why bodybuilders have been injecting what is basically an untested artificial peptide design for animals into their bodies.

It works by upregulating proteins in the body related to cell building.

To give you an example, TB-500 up-regulates actin. This is a protein that combines with myosin in muscle cells, promoting cell growth, cell migration, and cell proliferation.

On top of that, it’s been observed this helps to also increase blood vessel pathways, as well as significantly lowering inflammation after an injury. This increased blood flow can really benefit both exercising and recovery.

So what you’re getting here is something that has the ability to help you recover faster. It will lower inflammation, promote cell regeneration and growth, and overall aid recovery and muscle development.

Plus, it’s been shown in animals and humans (particularly racehorses) to greatly improve endurance through promoting more healthy blood cells, boosting stamina, increasing vascularity, and elevating determination.

But overall, what this is really great at is helping you to recover faster generally, and from injuries, and build muscle tissue more quickly as well.

TB-500 benefits

TB-500 Dosage & How To Use TB-500 Safely

TB-500 is artificial, and there has been a little human study done into its effects (and side effects). So when we talk about TB-500 dosage ranges, it’s all anecdotal. Either taken from animal studies and use in veterinarian practice, or through trial and error by bodybuilders.

Looking at averages, for me, it seems that the dose of between 2 and 10 mg is used, once or twice per week. Injected directly into the area of the body that is injured for recovery purposes. For a 200 pound guide, you’re looking at around 8 mg per day.

Some people inject it into multiple sites if they want to target muscle growth in that area as well.

In terms of how to inject TB-500, I would always advise the easiest method which is a subcutaneous injection.

This method simply involves pinching the skin over the area you want to inject, pushing the needle under the skin where you have pinched it, and gently but steadily releasing the liquid from the syringe.

Before doing this, you’ll want to use an alcoholic swab, and you’ll probably want to make sure you have thoroughly washed your hands, or preferably be wearing clean surgical gloves.

But this method of injecting TB-500 is pretty much pain-free, instant, and as long as you clean the area before and after (and of course use the fresh needle and batch for every injection), is pretty safe as well.

I wouldn’t recommend an intravenous injection, where you inject directly into a vein. This is an advanced technique and unless you are medically trained or know someone who is, there is more that can go wrong. However, in terms of general benefits around recovering and growth, this can be a good technique.

The third method is an intramuscular injection. This is where you have to inject directly into the muscle tissue. You have to push quite hard, but it is easier than intravenous injection. This is a good method for directly targeting a specific muscle group that is damaged or that you want to grow more quickly.

Although far more expensive (I’ll tell you where to buy in a little while) you can actually buy TB-500 nasal spray. It’s highly concentrated, and you’ll get a strong dose that can be absorbed by spraying it up to your nose.

Convenient, but you will pay double the price for that convenience. However, it’s a great way of getting the general effects of TB-500 into your body fast and without injecting.

TB 500 dosage

Effects & Duration Of TB-500 In The Body

I wouldn’t suggest you use TB-500 for longer than six weeks. To be honest, if whatever is going on hasn’t healed or grown in that time then you need to look at what’s gone wrong.

So you’re going to dose once per day, and the maximum length of time you are going to dose four is six weeks, but I’d suggest 2-4 weeks is mostly enough time to heal or enhance growth.

If you want to use TB-500 for endurance, then you can do an intravenous injection to get general effects. However as I’ve already said that can be problematic, so I’d still stick to the subcutaneous method as it will work its way around your bloodstream (it will just take slightly longer).

I will just say here that although it’s recommended to inject into the area near where you want effects take hold, there’s no evidence that it’s necessary. That’s what vets do, but there doesn’t appear to be any evidence that I’ve found which suggests it’s any better than intravenous injection or using something more general like an absorbable spray.

TB-500 Vs BPC-157: Which Is Better?

TB-500 and BPC-157 are artificial creations of naturally occurring peptides. Both of them have been shown to accelerate the speed at which people can heal, develop muscle cells, and increase endurance levels.

So on the surface, in terms of the effects on the body, they are pretty similar.

Also, both can be consumed as injectables or as a more convenient but expensive nasal spray.

Anecdotally, TB-500 seems to be more potent. Certainly in the bodybuilding community is I’m aware of and contribute to, the people using TB-500 Vs BPC-157 who have experience of both suggest that they feel it works faster and better.

In fact, some people use both of these peptides together for maximum benefits. However, as we don’t know enough about the long-term effects of using them, I would stick to using just one at a time.

Tb 500 vs BPC 157 peptide

Finding Good Quality TB-500 For Sale

Part of the problem with looking into trying peptides and other supplements is getting good quality chemicals to experiment with.

At the moment that’s even more difficult because the Chinese have banned SARMs. It means that people are looking for other chemicals and peptides to use, which is further causing general supply problems.

However, I have experimented with TB-500 that I bought in convenient vials from Swiss Chems.

Each vial is 10 mg in size, and as long as it’s refrigerated you can get a couple of doses out of it.

It costs $47 for the 10 mg vial. When you consider each vial will last a week, and you going to be using it only for around four weeks usually, then when you can speed up your recovery by 50%, increase your energy and muscle tone over that time, and increase your vascularity, and it’s quite an impressive buy.

Just make sure that you get the other kit you need. You’ll need a fresh supply of disposable syringes, good quality sterile surgical gloves, alcohol, and cotton-wool (or alcohol wipes) as well.