If you’re going to use SARMs to improve your physique, your strength, your stamina, and cut fat, then there’s absolutely no point in spending time, money, and effort doing it unless you know where to buy SARMs that are 100% pure and safe to use.

I spent two years looking for the best SARMs company. I’ve never found it. Instead, I found four, but none of them are perfect. They aren’t all equal, even though they sell superb quality SARMs, so what I’m going to do is talk you through each of these best SARMs sources so you can see who should get your order.

I’m also going to tell you how to spot the highest quality SARMs, and where you definitely won’t find the best SARMs on the market for sale. Then I’ll finish with detailed reviews of each of the four places that I’ve found, to give you a better idea of where to buy SARMs from.

The Reasons You Need The Highest Quality SARMs

A lot of people think that SARMs are all the same. That they are just made to the same standards, and the quality will be equal. But that’s not the case at all.

Let me share a horror story with you. A study was done a while back which looked at 44 sources of SARMs online. They tested more than 100 products from around the world, and found only 52% of those SARMs that were purchased by the test team actually contained SARMs AT ALL!

60% had differing ingredients to what was listed, and in some instances, anabolic steroids and prohormones were present as well. Now for me, that’s terrifying. I don’t want anabolic steroids in my body, and if you’re taking them unwittingly, that could be lethal.

But just to create total clarity for you around the subject of quality, this is why getting your hands on the highest quality SARMs really matters:

  • You won’t get the maximum muscle gains of your effort
  • Your strength and stamina won’t build as much as it should
  • You won’t be able to cut as much fat as you should be achieving in a single cycle
  • Poor quality SARMs riddled with other ingredients could cause damage
  • Poor quality SARMs means poor value for money

So please don’t cut corners here. It’s not even about cost at times. You’ll pay just as much for poor quality SARMs as you will for high-quality SARMs. It’s all about buying them from reputable sources and minimizing risk.

How To Spot The Best SARMs Source

When it comes to spotting the best SARMs sources and finding the best SARMs on the market, you’re looking for SARMs companies who tick the following boxes:

  1. Absolutely crucial, right here at number one, has to be third-party independent batch testing. What happens is, the company sends offer a sample to an independent lab to get it tested. As long as that sample comes back at 100% purity, that batch is then sold, and the independent lab test report is published on the product page, or at least somewhere on the company website. In rare instances, they make them available on request. But the bottom line here is that only buying from companies who do this is a sensible strategy to get the highest quality SARMs.
  2. Look for a moneyback guarantee. Look for a great website, look for discount shipping, loyalty codes, things that show they want to retain customers for the long term.
  3. They should check out online. Feedback should be positive, reviews should look genuine, and the visible track record should be long and strong.
  4. Prices should be “right”. If they are ridiculously high, or even more suspiciously, ridiculously low, then that raises a red flag. If they are really high that means they are probably going to take your money and run if they are ridiculously low, then you can guarantee that they are watered down, or really poor quality in some other way.

I’ve done that research though so you don’t have to though. It took me eight months of experimenting with different suppliers and testing them out, to see who provided the best SARMs. But I now know where to buy SARMs that are high-quality, and I’m passing that on to you in the reviews that follow.

So look guys, I’m not saying buy from these sellers or else. What I’m saying is that in my experience they offer a fantastic benchmark. Try one out, do a cycle, see how it goes. If you have a great experience, you’ve got no reason to swap sellers, if you don’t have a good experience, you can swap.

But also, you will probably need to access SARMs from more than one company. This is because there are several formats you can buy SARMs in:

  • Injectable liquid SARMs
  • Powder capsule SARMs
  • Raw loose powder SARMs
  • SARMs in sublingual liquid dropper bottles

No company out there sells all four formats. So you are going to have to mix-and-match, try each one, to work out which fits your workout regime best.

Where You Won’t Find Good Quality SARMs For Sale

Before I tell you where to buy SARMs that are the highest quality out there, I want to warn you away from some places where people do commonly buy them from and get burned.

As a rule, avoid any general marketplace site. eBay, Alibaba, Amazon, Craigslist, anywhere like that. The chances are they are drop shippers who then pass the order to a dodgy Chinese company.

Also, look out for websites that show signs of doing the same thing. Companies that don’t seem to have a track record, very low prices, long order lead times. All of these things can point towards the drop shipping of cheap and completely un-scrutinized Chinese SARMs.

SARMs from china

Where To Buy SARMs: My Top 4 Best SARMs Company

So let’s get to the meat of this guide by telling you where to buy SARMs of the highest quality.

Now I’m not telling you that any of these are literally the best SARMs source out there. In my experience, from several years of trying more than a dozen suppliers, these are the best SARMs on the market that I’ve personally found.

Between the suppliers, you get injectables, capsules, liquid, and raw powder. All at great prices, and all quality guaranteed through independent third-party lab testing.

For me, the SARMs from all of these guys work a treat. Give them a go, see how you get on, it’s the only way that you can find the best SARMs company for your own specific needs.

  1. Science.bio – My Number 1 SARMs Source

Number one on my list, although this list isn’t in any particular order, is a review of Science.bio. They are based in the USA.

I’ve ordered from these guys several times, on average once every six months I reckon, and they’ve delivered incredible results. I got confused (as many other people did) about a year or so ago when they rebranded. Apparently, this was because they were getting heat from the FDA about the way they were marketing things. So they rebranded and split the business up to more.

But putting that aside, the proof is in the SARMs they sell. The evidence I have after about six orders is that they have really high-quality SARMs for sale.

Let’s just give you a snapshot of what you get when you order from Science.bio:

  • They sell the nine main types of SARMs
  • They also sell rare types of SARMs (things like AC-262, but these are very untested research chemicals)
  • You get increasing discounts as you buy more
  • They also sell supporting supplements such as Nootropics
  • They batch test every SARM they sell and publish those reports on the product page
  • There’s a full moneyback guarantee
  • They take all payment methods including cryptocurrency (bitcoin)
  • Free USA shipping and also free international shipping on orders over $150

These guys sell all the main types of SARMs:

MK-2866, YK-11, RAD-140, SR-9009, S-4, S-23, GW-501516, LGD-4033

In terms of pricing, you’ll get a great deal from Science.bio as well. You won’t get cheaper, and you definitely won’t get cheaper SARMs that carry a 100% purity guarantee.

As an example of pricing, let’s look at GW-501516 Cardarine.

In loose powder form, 1000 mg costs just $34.99. Sublingual liquid is more expensive, costing $44.99 for 600 mg (dosed at 20 mg/mL). She can see there’s a big difference between powder and liquid, but unless you want to weigh the powder and mess around mixing it with something like propylene glycol, I wouldn’t advise it.

where to buy sarms

  1. Proven Peptides – One Of The Purest SARMs On The Market (Made In The US)

Next on my list of the best SARMs sellers out there are Proven Peptides. These guys are also based in the USA.

They have a strong pedigree because they are owned by the same company that runs Coastline Kratom, one of the most reputable kratom sellers in the USA. So these guys are not going to mess you around and vanish.

The SARMs they sell are also made in the USA. All the other companies I’m going to talk about here sell pure SARMs sourced from China. However, that’s going to change soon as China has banned the export of SARMs to the USA as part of a deal.

So in the next few months, the SARMs are going to have to come from China indirectly, raising the price, or be made in the USA like the SARMs from Proven Peptides are.

For me, I think I prefer to just have the SARMs made directly in the USA, rather than SARMs that have come from halfway around the world through multiple wholesalers.

Let’s take a look at what Proven Peptides have to offer you:

  • You’re getting top quality American made SARMs
  • They sell eight of the nine main SARMs
  • Everything is independently batches tested and reports are published
  • Free shipping on domestic orders over $75
  • Discounts increase the more you buy
  • Full money-back guarantee
  • Proven points give you 10% back
  • They take all the usual payment methods including cryptocurrency

In terms of pricing, they are pretty comparable to the other guys here. But they only sell sublingual SARMs liquid. They sell eight different types, all the main ones, but not S-23. That’s the only omission from the list they sell.

As an example, you can buy 30 mL of SR-9009 Stenabolic for $74.99. 60 mL only costs $139.99.

I also want to mention proven points. This is away saving 10% on every order. When you make an order, you’ll get proven points in an account that you make. They accrue at a rate of 10% of your order. Once they have built up, you can spend them by using them as a discount against an order. 10% is pretty significant, and a fantastic loyalty bonus.

SARMs for sale

  1. Swiss Chems – Best Selection Of PCT Supplements

Despite the name, Swiss Chems are another SARMs seller based in the USA. They are another company that has excellent quality SARMs for sale.

They sell SARMs capsules and SARMs injectables. They used to sell liquid, but that’s not listed on their website at the moment. I have bought SARMs sublingual liquid from them before, and the quality was excellent.

I’ve only bought capsules from them once about four months ago. I prefer liquid because it’s cheaper, but capsules do offer the ultimate in convenience if you are wanting to dose at the gym, or you are new to SARMs. If it’s your first SARMs cycle ever I would actually recommend you use SARMs capsules because you don’t have to worry about weighing powder, how much liquid you are using, or injecting anything.

They sell all nine types of SARMs that are popularly used: MK-2866, YK-11, RAD-140, SR-9009, S-4, S-23, GW-501516, LGD-4033.

Here are the highlights of ordering from Swiss Chems:

  • All the major types of SARMs are ready to order in capsule form
  • They also sell SARMs injectables (the only place I found to do that)
  • You get free shipping in the USA on any order quantity
  • full money-back guarantee is in place
  • Purity lab reports are available on request
  • Swiss Chems take regular forms of payment alongside bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

One point of difference that makes these guys one of the best SARMs sources is the fact that they also sell supporting supplements.

They sell PCT supplements, basically generic Nolvadex and Clomid. This is unique amongst other SARMs sellers that I’ve ever seen.

It’s always fascinated me that you have to use a PCT supplement to address testosterone drop with most SARMs, and yet you have to buy them from a different source to the SARMs.

So for me, these guys become one of the best sources of SARMs purely because they sell high-quality SARMs, and they also sell the PCT supplements you’ll need.

In terms of pricing, because it’s capsules, you’re paying more. That’s, unfortunately, a hard truth.

As an example, 38 capsules of MK-677 Ibutamoren (each dosed that 10 mg) costs $68.95. That’s 380 mg for the price. As you can see, that’s about half of the total dose that should get in sublingual liquid.

Best SARMs source

  1. Sarms 4 You – Best Place To Buy SARMs For EU Citizens

Last on my list of the best SARMs sellers are drumroll please, Sarms 4 You. This SARMs seller is a little different because they are based in Europe, shipping out of Holland.

They sell the highest quality SARMs, backed up by those vital third-party lab test reports. For me, they offer some of the best SARMs on the market today, especially if you are European and don’t want to deal with border control so much.

They sell loose powder and capsules of high-quality SARMs. They sell all nine major types of SARMs in both formats.

All of the SARMs they sell are independently third-party lab tested, and those reports are viewable as images on the product page. Oddly, they use an American lab to test the SARMs. I’m not sure if this means they import from the USA somehow, or if they send a sample to the USA (unlikely for me), but the reports are genuine).

Put together, this is the deal you’re getting by ordering from Sarms 4 You:

  • All nine of the most popular types of SARMs sold as capsules and loose powder
  • Independent lab test reports are on the product pages
  • Capsule prices are actually very reasonable
  • Full moneyback guarantee
  • Free global shipping if you spend more than $150

In terms of pricing, let’s give you an example. MK-2866 Ostarine capsules cost $47.95 for 60 capsules, each dosing 10 mg. 1 g (1000 mg) of Ostarine powder costs $43.95. So as you can see, the capsules are heading towards twice as expensive as the raw powder, despite being the same thing just put into capsules.

As with the other retailers on my list of where to buy SARMs, these guys offer discounts the more you buy. Just watch out for your shipment getting caught at customs if you are ordering across the border into a country in which SARMs are illegal.