You Can Build A Bigger Chest In Just 30 Days

What I’m going to talk to you about here is very personal to me. One of the things I was always conscious of was not being strong in the chest.

I felt weak, it wasn’t developed, and it made me feel down. It’s amazing how physical physique floors in a man can drive confidence downwards, in the same way as slenderness and tone can for a woman.

So what I did was develop a fantastic set of exercises that got me a bigger chest in just 30 days. What I’m going to tell you here will underpin future development by hitting your chest from two different angles.

It’s not going to transform you, but it will give you a set of exercises, a set of principles, which will definitely help you to drive yourself harder than you have before if you are struggling.

There Are Several Good Reasons For Building A Bigger Chest

As I’ve already said, confidence is a huge one here. A bigger chest means more confidence, and that applies to men and women strangely.

But it’s not just about the size of the chest, it’s the strength. A strong chest helps you to have good posture. That means you won’t suffer from long-term health problems, especially in the back.

It’s also about developing yourself in the gym. Strong chest muscles mean that you can drive yourself harder, and do a wide range of exercises safely and make strong gains as you do so.

Your First Steps In Developing Your Chest Muscles

Defining your chest more strongly, will help to sculpt your overall look, and it is a key part of improving your body tone generally.

Your first step is actually nothing to do with your chest muscles. It’s about your diet. You need to make sure that you are fueling your muscles with what they need to grow and harden. Most guys don’t do that, and it’s part of the reason why they fail.

But what we have to do here is to develop strength before we hit the tone. The only way that you can fast track size and hardness in muscles is to improve your strength so that you can work out hard enough to achieve it.

We are looking at combining old style German volume training with more modern protocols (Tabata) here.

What we’re going to do overall with these exercises is to build your strength, improve your endurance, improve blood flow, and ultimately develop stronger and harder muscles in the chest than you would generally be able to.

Workout Group 1 For Developing A Bigger Chest In 30 Days

I want to talk you through the two groups of exercises that I put together to develop my chest significantly in just 30 days.

You do the first group of exercises on day one, then you rest for two days, then you do the next group of exercises (workout group 2).

Make sure that you use proper form throughout. If you struggle in the beginning, just do less reps in each set.

Obviously, in this one blog post it’s impossible for me to convey exactly how to do each exercise. I would advise that you look for YouTube videos that show you each exercise in detail, so that you can get that proper form to use to make sure you use these groups of exercises to their maximum potential.

1. Barbell bench press

Barbell Bench Press

This is your classic, traditional, barbell bench press. You will lie on your back, on a flat workout bench.

The barbell will be on a rack set in the right position.

You must make sure you have proper form here. That means arching your back, rolling your shoulders back, and resting onto your shoulders, not the middle of your back or the small of your back.

You’ll then lift the bar off the rack and position it directly above your chest with your arms fully extended. Make sure that in this position you can handle the weight comfortably, as it’s crucial you don’t strain yourself.

Breathe in, then lower the bar slowly until it skims the middle of your chest. Push the bar straight back to the starting position as explosively as you can when breathing out.

Make sure that when you get to the top, you squeeze your chest muscles together and hold for a few seconds. It’s this squeeze under pressure that is crucial for developing the muscle.

Do eight reps in eight sets.

2. Reverse grip press up

This is your traditional press up, but you are reversing the grip so that your hands are the other way round on the ground.

Careful doing this because if you have weak wrists, or you are not blessed with enough upper body strength yet, it can cause serious damage to the hands and wrists if you strain them.

But other than those safety precautions, it’s a straightforward press up.

Complete eight reps in six sets.

3. Standard grip press up

As the title suggests, this is a standard press up. Nothing fancy about it, and it’s one of the best chest exercises out there, certainly amongst bodyweight exercises.

Just make sure that your hands and elbows are perpendicular to your body, and that your hands are flat underneath your shoulders when you look down. They shouldn’t be too wide, or too narrow, in line with the shoulders, and maybe slightly below the shoulders is perfect.

Complete 10 reps in eight sets.

4. Incline press up.

Again, this is a variation on the classic press up. What you will be doing is using something to rest your hands on at the start of the press up.

Ideally, you’ll use a workout bench to create the incline. Then it’s a standard press up, pushing straight up, in order to create that stress under gravity.

For variation, you can change to a deck line press up. Same process, but you are putting your feet up on the bench, and doing the press up with your hands on the floor. Just make sure that the bench, or whatever you are putting your feet on, is low enough to not put stress on your shoulders, and stable enough so that when you lower yourself, it doesn’t push away from your feet and cause you to collapse.

Complete 10 reps in eight sets.

Workout Group 2 For Developing A Bigger Chest In 30 Days

The second workout group we are going to be using weights and a workout bench with dumbbells mostly.

1. Dumbbell bench press

This is the standard dumbbell bench press, using exactly the same instructions as for the barbell bench press.

Again, make sure that your starting position is directly above your chest, so that you are not stressing the shoulders.

Another point to note is that some guys flare the elbows right out at 90° when they lower dumbbells. This isn’t necessary, and I always advocate keeping your elbows at 45° to the body, as this allows you to focus more on the chest muscles.

Complete 12 reps in eight sets.

2. Incline/decline barbell bench press

I’m combining two different exercises into one here, although they are two different groups for the purposes of what I am developing here for you.

This is your standard dumbbell bench press, but you’re going to alter it to do incline and decline barbell bench presses.

Again, make sure that you are pushing the dumbbell straight up. If they go up too far towards your head, or too far below your chest, then you are putting stress on your shoulders rather than forcing the chest to do the work on its own in both directions.

For each, do 10 reps in six sets.

3. Dumbbell Fly

This is again on the bench. You going to do the standard dumbbell fly, where you are bringing the dumbbells up from beside you on either side to join them together above your chest.

Make sure use the correct posture, again, squeezing your shoulder blades in and pushing them back to create a solid platform.

Hold the dumbbells above your chest, with your arms almost fully extended, but not quite.

Then, bring the weights down to your sides, until you feel the tightness across your chest. Don’t bring them down too far, and keep your elbows bent, to enable you to keep stress off your joints, and focus the upwards power on your chest muscles.

Do this in six sets, with 12 reps in each (less if you can’t manage 12).

4. Pectoral stretch

Finishing off here with a gentle exercise which is still brilliant for toning up your pectoral muscles.

You may not think this is going to do much, but I’m telling you, over several weeks, this can really create reverse stress on the muscles which help to tone them up around the edges brilliantly.

Stand upright, with your arms at your side. In your hands hold something like a towel, or an empty dumbbell bar.

Keeping your back straight, lift your arms back as far as you can until you feel the stretch in your chest muscles, and hold it for 10 seconds. Then relax and slowly return to the starting position.

For the pectoral stretch, do six sets, each of 10 reps.