About Me

There are a few things I’m passionate about that I’m going to write about for them in this blog/site. I have to say they are probably not passionate topics for most people, but if you’re into the same things as me, then you will be.

Mostly I’m gonna write about kratom. I’m 27 and based in the USA, but it could apply to other countries although I’m not sure about the legality there. But I’ve used it for fun and pain relief and I think it’s something that people should be considering more.

I also want to bang the drum about bodybuilding because I work out hard, and have only made real progress because I ignored that natural workout rubbish and started using supplements and advanced dietary tips to facilitate it.

I also smoke a bit of weed, and I’ll probably write about that when I’m high, and sometimes when I’m actually coherent. I got busted for a drug test four years ago because of it, and I’ve learned since how to avoid that. I want to pass on to people how you can be a regular weed smoker and still pass employment drug tests as well.