Female Drug Test Guide: How To Sneak Urine In & How To Pass A Drug Test

Let’s talk quickly about female drug testing. It’s actually not that different to mail drug testing, and in this quick guide, I want to tell you exactly how to use fake pee for drug tests is a female.

We will cover everything you need to know. How to keep the sample warm, how to sneak urine into a drug test, and whether you should use fake urine or someone else’s real urine. Plus, I’m going to give you the exact method for preparing and using fake urine to pass a drug test, including how to sneak the sample in (female and male methods).

As well as all that in the next five minutes, we are also going to discuss the brands of fake urine that don’t work, and the two brands definitely do work to pass a drug test.

What’s Different Between Men And Women For Drug Testing?

 Let’s start here by clearing up some misconceptions about how to use fake pee for drug tests as a female.

There’s only one difference between men and women, and that’s the obvious one about genitalia and how they physically urinate.

But in terms of the sample that is given, they are absolutely identical. What works for men will work for women. The only potential difference is that some people suggest that women can carry and deliver fake urine (or someone else’s) internally. I’ll leave you to work out exactly what I mean by that.

But the thing is, you don’t need to do that. It’s a huge risk, with many complications, and I’m guessing it’s also pretty damn uncomfortable.

How Can A Female Pass A Drug Test With Someone Else’s Urine?

One of the big questions that is asked is how can a female pass a drug test using someone else’s urine.

Here are the problems you need to consider with someone else’s urine:

  1. How do you get the sample just prior to the drug test so it’s in good condition?
  2. Having someone else’s urine doesn’t offset any of the problems around keeping in good condition or having it submitted within the correct temperature range is if it’s just exited the body.
  3. This is the big question I always ask, and nobody seems to think about: how do you know the person you are getting the urine from is clean themselves?

It’s that last question that is often overlooked. If you’re the sort of person who’s going to fail a drug test, then it’s likely that the people around you would as well, especially if you feel you can ask them to submit a sample that you then take along.

Here’s the thing. You don’t need to pass a drug test using someone else’s urine at all. The alternative is to just use high-quality fake urine, which is just as complex and far safer to use.

female urine drug test

Here’s All You Need To Know About Using Fake Urine To Pass A Drug Test

 Hopefully, I steer you away from considering using real urine. There’s just too much risk and complication. It’s completely unnecessary when the latest formulas of fake urine are so complex and convincing that thousands of samples are submitted and pass every day in the USA alone.

In fact, retrospective analysis for several studies I’ve read over the years has shown that as many as 10% of total drug test samples in the USA that passed were found to actually be fake samples when analyzed in more depth.

High-quality fake urine will have the following characteristics:

  • Contains many chemicals found in real urine
  • Contains the correct quantities of urea and uric acid
  • Will be balanced for ph and specific gravity like urine
  • Look, smell, and even froths like urine
  • Will not contain detectable biocide artificial preservative
  • The urine kit will come with a reliable heat management source

So let’s say you’ve got yourself some high-quality fake urine. How to use fake pee for drug test as a female?

In reality, preparing the sample is no different for men or women.

If you’re using a heat pad you need to transport it by keeping it warm. If you’re using heat activator powder, then you’ll simply warm the sample just prior to entering the building you will submit it at.

The only real difference is how you might smuggle it in. But even then, the easiest method is to simply tuck it into your underwear. This works for both men and women as you cannot be intimately searched, nor have those areas of the body even touched, and less it’s a supervised drug test (really rare and usually only for very specific circumstances such as law enforcement and probation).

Also, they don’t do any DNA testing on urine samples. It’s completely illegal and will never happen.

So there’s absolutely no way they can test if the sample is male or female, or linked to you specifically in any way.

How To Sneak Urine Into A Drug Test – Female And Male Method

Let’s say that you have selected the fake urine brand you going to use, and prepared your sample. Here’s how to sneak it in.

Now the thing is, learning how to sneak urine into a drug test as a female is no different to doing it as a male.

I’ve already said to you that there is actually no point in using the only difference between men and women in order to facilitate sneaking it in. It’s complicated, it’s risky, and completely unnecessary.

Here’s the thing. Unless you know in advance, due to being notified all through the circumstances of the test (legal or insurance purposes, or for certain types of employment like federal government), then it will be an unsupervised test.

That means you will be directly observed when you submit the sample, and importantly it means you will not, cannot, he searched.

They can take a bag off you, your coat, make you take your hat off, even a baggy top. They can pat you down generally. Think about sometimes when you go to venues for events, they will pat you down for anything obvious to look for things like hidden weapons or bombs.

But they can’t touch you intimately, and unless they have reasonable suspicion, they can’t get you to empty your pockets or undergo any higher level of scrutiny. It’s illegal.

So all you have to do is to wear two pairs of underpants. Tuck the sample between them, then where loose-fitting trousers and a loose-fitting top. Don’t be ridiculous with your clothing choice, use just enough to hide them and look natural.

It’s really that easy, and it’s crucial in using fake pee as a female to pass drug test to understand that you don’t need to draw attention to yourself in trying too not.

How To Keep Urine Warm For Drug Test (Female & Male)

The crucial part about submitting a fake sample (other than choosing a high-quality fake urine brand) is to understand that the vital part you can influence is submitting it within the correct temperature range.

Human urine exits the body at very close to 100°F, but never above it unless you are incredibly unwell (the point where you would be having a drug test anyway).

Legally, to allow for up to 4 minutes of cooling post submission, they have to accept any sample between 90°F and 100°F. That’s not a wide temperature range though.

Most fake urine brands out there use a heating pad. A good quality heat pad on the pre-warmed sample will keep the temperature within the required range. However, it does have a small chance of failing due to overheating, heating, or some other failure.

One brand uses a different method. It uses heat activator powder. Putting into the fake urine and then shaking it allows it to dissolve. As it dissolves, it agitates the liquid and warms it.

So using activator Powder doesn’t require smuggling in a bulkier heat pad. All you have to do is find a minute out of sight before you enter the venue.

Here are The Two Recommended Brands Of Fake Urine For Females

In closing here let’s cover the fake pee brands that you should, and shouldn’t, use. Brands that are not recommended include Magnum, X-Stream, and U Pass. They are not complex enough, and they contain biocide which can potentially be detected.

Here are my recommendations based on my experiences and feedback from other people I trust:

  1. Sub Solution

It’s the best brand out there in terms of complexity and price. Retailing at $85, it also uses heat activator powder. It’s not premixed, so you will need filtered water and a bit of preparation time. But the activator powder and its complexity mean it’s an almost unbeatable combo.

It does have a more advanced version called Quick Luck, which is premixed. That’s not always available, so you’ll have to check the authorized reseller for availability.

how can a female pass a drug test using someone else's urine

  1. Quick Fix

This only costs around half the price of Sub Solution. But you are only getting half the complexity in return for that investment.

Also, Quick Fix uses a heating pad. This is reliable, but as I said, the heat pad raises the chance of failure.

Overall, if you can’t get Sub Solution, or can’t afford it, then Quick Fix is a viable alternative for $39 when you are facing a standard quality drug test.