Do Any Home Remedies Work For Passing Drug Tests?

If you’re looking into passing a drug test of any type then you will soon read lots of claims about home remedies being able to help you.

What exactly is a home remedy and how can it help?

In this little guide I’m going to exactly what home remedies are, and how they work.

I explain how they work for urine sample drug tests, oral drug tests, and hair drug tests, the three most common type of test out there (although you will be very unlucky if you ever face a hair drug test as they are mostly reserved for serious cases, usually around the courts and law enforcement).

Hopefully you’ll draw your own conclusions and on what is said, and therefore I will also offer you some ideas on what else you can do to avoid getting detected.

What Exactly Do We Mean By Home Remedy?

The home remedy is any everyday product or substance that can help you to pass a drug test.

In order to work, a home remedy, or professional product, has to be able to remove toxins from the body and disguise the fact that this has been done.

So if it’s a urine sample drug test, it has to flush toxins out, and still keep the balance of your urine appearing natural when your sample is submitted.

If it’s a mouth swab drug test then it has to remove toxins while not replacing those toxins with something unusual that the drug test could detect.

If it’s a hair drug test, it has to be capable of removing the toxins from inside the hair shaft without destroying the hair itself.

Everything from lemon juice, through to various types of tea, even to household bleach, have been touted as home remedies to get rid of drug metabolites.

Unfortunately, the truth is that 99% of them don’t work and have no scientific basis for working at all. They are mostly peddled online by people who read they work and then pass that poor information on.

Let’s quickly take a look at home remedies that are often recommended online the main three types of drug test you could face.

Home Remedies To Pass A Urine Sample Drug Test

A urine sample drug test is the type you are most likely to face, especially if you live in the USA.

Home remedies are often touted as something that can help you to pass a urine sample drug test, but what’s the truth?

In order to pass a urine sample drug test, a home remedy would have to do two things:

1. It would have to be able to flush out the toxins in your body. At least to the point of getting rid of the ones that would appear in your urine in the next few hours.

2. The home remedy would also have to not upset the balance of your urine. They check for dilution, so if it just flushes out the toxins that waters down your urine, you will get caught out. Also, if things not usually found in urine are there, it will be flagged for a higher level of scrutiny.

These are the main home remedies that are often talked about:

  • Baking soda and water
  • Various types of tea (Palo Azul is the one most mentioned)
  • Sure Jell (Certo) method
  • Lemon or lime juice
  • White wine vinegar/apple cider vinegar

The problem is absolutely none of these work. Only the Sure Jell method has any scientific evidence behind it to suggest that he could help at all.

As I’ve said, you have to flush out the toxins not only in your bladder, but also that are heading towards your bladder, in order you to test clean for a few hours.

Plus, urine is quite complex and balanced. If you flush it out, you are flushing out the balance as well. Unless you can replace that then you don’t stand a chance.

The Certo method is slightly different because there are scientific signs it can work. But the thing is, still not fully.

With this method, you drink fruit pectin, which is high fiber. The liquid flushes out your bladder, and the fiber draws cannabis metabolites into your bowel, as fiber creates bile, which draws the cannabis to the bowel (around 40% of cannabis metabolites exit through the bowel).

But unless you are trying to get rid of cannabis metabolites, then this method is absolutely no different to any other crazy home remedy. It simply won’t work.

The Sure Jell method really doesn’t work cannabis either. At the end of the method you meant to take a multivitamin to help retain balance in your urine, and keep the color natural. But this isn’t going to fool a professional, modern drug test.

Overall, there’s no scientific basis for anything being able to help you pass a urine drug test.

Home Remedies To Pass An Oral Drug Test

Let’s now turn to oral drug test, where a swab (like a giant Q-Tip or cotton bud) is used to collect a sample from the gumline in the lower mouth where drug metabolites are most likely to gather.

Again, home remedies often touted as something which can help.

In fact, the truth is that there is more chance of using home remedies to pass an oral drug test then there is with a urine sample drug test.

The reason for this is that drug metabolites only appear in saliva for a short time after you have taken the substance. After that the body has processed them and moved on to the next stage, so they won’t appear in your mouth.

You can speed up this process slightly by moving saliva through your mouth more quickly. That means drinking more water, eating more regularly, chewing gum, and generally doing anything to produce and swallow saliva more quickly.

Also, you can remove the toxins from the gumline by brushing your teeth. Do it regularly, three or four times a day in the lead up to a test, and it will stop them gathering, which will move them out at the danger area.

It’s also rumored (although I’ve found no evidence for it) that some brands of mouthwash can help to neutralize the toxins. I don’t actually think they can do this, but they do still help to remove them from the mouth more quickly and produce more saliva.

So important distinction to make here is that home remedies won’t help you pass a drug test on the spot, but they can help to move the drug toxins through your system more quickly, meaning you will test negative from an oral test earlier than you would if you didn’t do this.

If you get notice of a drug test, even 24 hours, chew gum constantly, drink water, eat fatty foods (and generally regularly), brush your teeth every few hours, swill with mouthwash, and get your blood pumping to generally speed up toxins being moved out of the body.

Home Remedies To Pass A Hair Drug Test

When it comes using home remedies to pass a drug test, again, anyone telling you that you can is uninformed or lying.

However, home remedies are used in conjunction with specialist shampoo as part of something called the Macujo method.

Detergent, vinegar, and a specific sort of standard shampoo I used in conjunction with specialist shampoo to open up the hard cuticle layer over the hair shaft, flush out toxins, and then shut the shaft back up again.

So if you are facing a hair drug test, read up on the Macujo method, because that does use home remedies, but only as part of an overall method.

What Are The Alternatives To Home Remedies?

There are alternative home remedies that are proven to pass drug tests.

For urine sample drug testing, you can mask the toxins for a few hours using a high-quality detox drink. Not only does this flush out your system, but the detox drink will also maintain the balance of your urine by flooding your body with things found in urine.

Or you could submit a completely fake sample of good quality fake urine. As long as it’s within the correct temperature range, and its good quality, it’s the best way to pass.

For all drug testing you can use specialist mouthwash products, which will neutralize the toxins already in your mouth, giving you a small window of opportunity.

Alternatively, you can use saliva neutralizing gum. This works in the same way as a mouthwash, but it’s more discreet and you can swallow the lot even with someone in front of you.

For hair drug testing, read up on the Macujo method. It uses a special type of powerful shampoo as part of the method to help get rid of the drug toxins.

So overall, the conclusion here is that home remedies will not help you pass a drug test. They will dilute your sample, leave it appearing natural, do half the job, or will need to be used in conjunction with specialist products to create an overall stronger effect.