Certo Drug Test Hack: LabCorp Detectable Or Will It Pass A Drug Test?

The Certo drug test method is one of the most popular home remedy ways of passing a urine sample drug test. But will the Certo drug test Hack work for the LabCorp drug test? Well, that’s the question I’m going to answer for you right now.

We’re going to discuss exactly what happens with a LabCorp drug test, and how the 10 panel drug test at LabCorp differs from the lowest four-panel test.

Plus, I’m going to talk you through the Certo method in detail, and explain to you how I and people I know have tested it and used it in real drug tests.

Does the Certo drug test Hack work? In this five-minute read, you’ll learn all you need to know.

Here’s What Happens At A LabCorp Urine Test

If you’ve never been for a drug test, then you might be wondering what on earth actually happens.

It’s pretty straightforward:

  1. You turn up at the appointed time. You will either book in at a reception, where you will need to show your ID and volunteer any other information they need to know, or some big test centers have automated self-check-in panels where the ID is scanned and photograph of the person standing at the terminal is taken to make sure it’s the same person.
  2. You’re shown into the room where you will be tested. For unsupervised testing, when you actually submit the sample, you will be behind a screen, or in a completely different room.
  3. The urine sample specimen couple has a temperature strip side. Within four minutes of completing the submission of the sample, they have to check this temperature strip, and record it. Legally, they must accept a sample between 90°F and 100°F.
  4. You’ll then leave, and around 24 hours later the person who commissioned the test will get the results. If there is a delay of more than 48 hours it usually signifies that they had doubts about the sample, and so have passed it on to undergo further validity checks or even a full gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis.

How Do You Pass A 10 Panel Drug Test At Labcorp?

Passing a LabCorp 10 panel drug test is no different than passing four panel test, it’s just that the higher the number of panels, the more substances that are looked for.

Although it varies wildly, these are the substances found on a LabCorp standard 10 panel test:

  • Cocaine
  • PCP
  • Marijuana
  • Amphetamines
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Opiates
  • Methadone
  • Barbiturates
  • Propoxyphene
  • Quaaludes

Now I think it’s important to make a few points clear to you:

  1. The 10-panel test (and the 12 panel test) are incredibly rare. Unless you work in the federal government, Department of Transport, are a medical professional, are in law enforcement, then you are unlikely to face such scrutiny.
  2. It’s impossible to predict what will be looked for. The person commissioning the test can alter the panels in any way they like.
  3. You cannot predict the cut-off levels of the test. They can be altered by the person commissioning the test. They could be high to weed out anyone who’s had drugs of any type and any level in the past week or so, or lower to allow more leniency and only weed out those who have signs of high levels of use.

Let’s Talk About The Certo Drug Test Hack

Now you know the basics about the tests themselves, let’s talk about how to pass a LabCorp drug test using the Certo method.

This is what the Certo method is:

  1. Mix up some fruit pectin like Certo or Sure-Jell.
  2. Drink the mixture in two halves, along with some additional water after each half.
  3. Go to the toilet as many times as possible for the next two hours.
  4. Make sure you take a multivitamin that contains vitamin C to stain your urine.

Put all that together, and it seems a very simple method to pass a drug test. There are tons of rumors and claims online that this method will work to pass a urine sample drug test.

I do actually know some people who have passed drug tests using it. But that was mostly several years ago. I also know five people who have failed using the Certo method in the past six months. So something’s changed, and it’s definitely not safe anymore.

In 2022, you need something more advanced than the Certo method.

It’s actually dubious that the Certo method could ever have fully worked anyway. Fruit pectin creates bile because it’s high in fiber. Cannabis metabolites attach to fiber and bile. That increases the amount which is drawn out through the bowel (about 40% of cannabis metabolites exit the bowel naturally).

However, that doesn’t account for the rest. We assume they are flushed out to the volume of liquid you drink, and then the vitamin C stains the new urine that is fresh from toxins. But your urine will be very diluted.

Plus, if you haven’t used cannabis, then this method is going to work even less effectively.

The truth is that the modern validity checks will pretty much catch you out now if you are trying to use the Sure Jell Drug Test method.

certo drug test hack labcorp

Do Any “Home Remedies” Actually Work?

The Certo method is actually a semi-proven way of passing a drug test. However, modern drug testing is highly sensitive and can spot everyday scams a mile off.

If you notice online, a lot of the post claiming that home remedies work tend to be old. They are then regurgitated and spread is a modern urban myth. Continually talked about, but with very little proof from anyone who is genuinely use them in recent years.

So I’m telling you, but all those different types of tea they claim you can drink, or baking soda and water, none of those methods don’t work.

I know people who have faced serious consequences in the past few months from failing drug tests with home remedy methods, and you don’t want to be in the same situation.

How To Pass A LabCorp Urine Drug Test: Method #1

So look, rather than reading LabCorp drug test reviews and thinking that the Certo drug test hack will work, you need to look at proven, modern, professional products instead. The number one way that you can pass a LabCorp urine sample drug test is to use fake urine.

Not the cheap crap, not Magnum, U-Pass, or Xtreme.

You need to spend some money. You need to invest in your best chance of safety.

Sub Solution is the brand I would recommend. In fact, I passed a urine test in February of this year using it.

Sub solution has the following benefits:

  • Contains 14 chemicals found in urine
  • Balanced for ph and specific gravity
  • Looks, smells, and even froths like urine
  • Uses heat activator powder exact temperature control

It’s the activator powder that is the touch of genius on top of the complexity of the formula.

You tap it into the mixed urine and agitate it gently. This creates heat which raises the temperature of the liquid. So there’s no need for a cumbersome heat pad, no need to maintain heat levels; you simply add the heat activator powder just before you need to use it.

The best place to buy Sub Solution is definitely from test negative. It’s the official store and you’ll be able to buy supporting products there as well as part of your order.

how to pass a labcorp drug test

How To Pass A LabCorp Urine Drug Test: Method #2

 You might not be able to use fake urine to pass a drug test for a couple of reasons.

First, you might not want to. It takes guts to smuggle the sample in, and although you aren’t searched, it’s just too much stress for some people.

Second, it could be a supervised or monitored drug test. Supervised is very rare, for criminals and things like that, where someone is literally observing you urinate.

Monitored drug tests are more common, but still rare and shouldn’t happen for general drug testing as there are legal problems with observing people. But it means you will be monitored in some way, searched on the way in, and someone will be in the room indirectly observing you.

In any of these situations, the only way that you can successfully pass a LabCorp drug test is to use a high-quality cleansing drink.

Detox drinks work by flushing out the toxins. But they do it more efficiently than water because of what they contain.

They also flood the body with many things found in urine as waste products. So because your body suddenly has an excess, it passes them through in the right balance to appear in your urine. That keeps it appearing completely natural for a few hours while being toxin-free.

The downside is that as soon as more toxins are worked through your body, they will appear in your urine again. You should get three or four hours clean to submit your sample in.

These are the detox drinks I would recommend:

  1. Mega Clean with six Toxin Rid pre-rid pills bundled in free. You can get these from Test Clear.
  2. Rescue Cleanse 32 fluid ounce full drink (not the 20 fluid ounce version). You can get this from Test Negative.

Both of the above detox drinks will definitely give you a window of opportunity of several hours during which your urine will be completely clean to submit a sample at LabCorp, quest, or anywhere else.