Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This domain (organic sprouted flour) is the humorous name for my website based around my passion for bodybuilding, hence the title “my bodybuilding journey”.

On this site I discuss every possible topic around bodybuilding, relating to my own personal journey.

I talk in depth about workout routines, recovery times, progression, cardio value, and what’s realistic to expect from natural bodybuilding.

I also cover natural supplements, SARMs, and post cycle therapy if you are using anabolic supplements.

On top of that, this website covers the topics of passing drug tests and detoxification, as both of these are close to my heart.

If you do not agree with the terms of this privacy policy, it’s important that you stop using this website immediately. Continuance of use implies acceptance of this privacy policy.



The Types of Data We Collect

This website thankfully doesn’t collect any of your personally identifiable data. That’s with one exception though.

Your IP address does not personally identify you. However, if you have a static IP address that is linked to a company then it potentially could narrow you down.

But generally, we only collect an IP address which keeps you anonymous, along with information on the device and browser you used to access the site.

We also collect data via comment forms if we have open comments on one of my articles. This again uses the IP address you submit, along with the form data.

The third way we collect data is through our contact form. Again, this uses an IP address, along with the form data.

The last way we collect data is through third-party affiliate links. This is explained in more detail in the relevant section of the privacy policy.




How We Process and Use Your Information

 The IP address we collect from you for website visits is used for analytical purposes, and the prevention of spam and hacking.

The IP address and device, along with the path that IP address takes through the site, is used for analytical software that’s on a third-party cloud server.

The IP address and device are also logged in the server logs, which forms the basis of how we deal with spam, and for basic server statistics.

IP address is collected through comment forms are stored in the database that runs the website.

When you submit a comment form the IP address and the comments you send your email address come to our email address. They are not logged in the site database.



How Data Is Protected

My server uses standard protection methods, including a firewall, brute force detection at server level, and firewall and brute force detection as a plug-in as well.

Complex passwords are used, and I do everything I can to try and ensure that data is secure.

Data sent to my third-party analytical software is also stored securely on those third-party servers.

IP addresses are also logged on the affiliate software that is used by the companies who I work with.

However, it’s important to note that no systems are completely secure. Although everything is done that is reasonably possible, a data breach could occur.

If you do not want to take the risk of your IP address or any other information being found on my server after visiting or using website, then you should not continue to use this website. In fact, you should be using any website because your data will never be secure.




Your Rights Over the Data We Store

Information sent via the contact form is only retained for as long as it takes us to deal with your query. On resolving any problems or ending a discussion, the email is deleted and after 30 days vanishes.

IP logs on the server and our analytical software are retained indefinitely.

IP logs and comments are also stored and retained indefinitely, as obviously the comments are shown on the website indefinitely.

Although local laws may vary, we try to work within the spirit of as many that are applicable by looking at your rights over your personal information.

You can contact us to ask what personal information we hold about you (although it’s outlined in this policy) and you can request that your IP address, or any other information we hold is sent to you or is deleted.




Cookie Policy

Cookies are small files that are placed on your computer. They are done by websites for a variety of reasons, things like running membership logins, and tracking.

However, this website does not use any tracking or login cookies. Therefore, cookie use is minimal and only used for essential functions that run the website.

The only exception to this is affiliate links generate a cookie on your computer, as outlined in our affiliate linking policy below.

Cookies can be blocked or deleted using the relevant options in your browser.




Affiliate Linking Policy

When you click some of the links on this website, you will be taken to an external website, who we are an affiliate with.

On clicking the link in visiting the site, it generates a unique ID cookie that is stored on your browser.

If you make a purchase on that website at that point, or at any point before the cookie expires (the cookie durations vary between 30 days and lifetime), then this site gets a small payment which helps to keep it running.

The privacy policy of all external links will be different to ours, as will the terms and conditions of the site. Please make yourself familiar with those when you land on the site you visit.




Changes to This Privacy Policy

Changes to this privacy policy will be first published right here on this page.

It’s important that you regularly check this page to ensure that you are up to date with our latest privacy policy in use.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, or you wish to discuss the personal information we hold about you, then please use the contact page to get in touch and discuss it with me.