SARM S23 Vs Rad-140: Clear Winner Or Different Results? Complete S23 SARM Review

SARMs are one of the best solutions for building muscle way above the results you can achieve naturally. However, they aren’t a miracle potion, and there are a lot of things to take into consideration when using them.

S23 is an incredibly potent SARM. That means incredible muscle-building power. But it can also mean significant side effects and problems.

This complete S23 review is going to tell you everything you need to know. Good and the bad. Some guides out there will claim that it’s potent and has very few side effects. That’s not true, and it’s responsible to make sure you have the big picture. We will cover how it works, and what S23 SARM results you can expect. We will also cover dosing & half-life discussion, cycling, stacking, and side effects.

On top of all that, we will compare it to other SARMs, including how S23 stacks up against RAD-140.

What Is S23?

S23 is the strongest in a family of SARMs created by GTx, the company who have invested in the development of SARMs and other similar research chemicals for nearly 20 years.

The company started with Ostarine. They then created a stronger version called Andarine. S23 is a development of Andarine, and shares many of its characteristics (and therefore Ostarine characteristics) but at far more potent levels.

All three of them are similar in structure, and in the effects, they have in the body. They basically mimic testosterone, binding with a high affinity to androgen receptor sites in muscle and bone tissue.

The idea is that this helps to bypass the problems associated with strongly anabolic substances, where all receptor sites are targeted, which leads to unwanted side effects such as enlarged prostate, hair loss, and potential long-term heart problems.

Developed from a research chemical called C-6, it hasn’t been through many studies, and most have been preclinical. So there’s not a lot of information out there about S23. However, I put together pretty much everything out there for you to read in this easy guide.

S23 SARM Results You Can Achieve

Despite the lack of information, what we do know from the preclinical data is that S23 has around 80% bioavailability orally.

Later variants with a slightly changed structure, delivered 97% oral bioavailability. Most of the oral SARMs reconstructions you combine the grey market are this later structure (containing a cyano group).

In the body, it works by mimicking testosterone. It binds with high affinity to androgen receptors in muscle and bone tissue. This send strong messages to the tissue in those areas of the body, predominantly to grow, harden, and be stronger.

People also claim that it reduces fat mass and burns more calories. However, I think some of that is untrue, and they are actually seeing secondary benefits as primary results of use.

The Effects & Benefits Of S23 SARM

SARM S23 is primarily a mass builder. In terms of using it for bodybuilding, this is about growing and hardening your muscles far more quickly than you can naturally. Side benefits include greater strength and endurance, improved mood and determination, and the potential to burn more fat than you can usually.

Taken within the normal dosage ranges recommended by bodybuilders, we can derive the following benefits from using it:

  • Dry and highly defined muscle tone
  • Noticeable and rapid increases in lean muscle mass
  • Improved bone mineral density
  • Higher physical energy levels
  • Greater determination
  • Dose-dependent fat loss
  • Protection of muscle mass during a calorie deficit
  • Increased vascularity

Let’s go into a bit more detail now on the key benefits you can get from S23.

  1. You will get a significant increase in muscle mass. Overwhelmingly, people report gaining significant, noticeable, hard, muscle using S23. Just be aware get the best results you’ll have to put in significantly harder work than you would normally.
  2. You’ll also feel dramatically stronger. Partly this will be due to the increased muscle mass. However, the strength gains kick in pretty quickly due to your body thinking it’s got more testosterone searching through it. That triggers an androgen response in muscle tissue, as well as increases other key hormones relating to strengthening focus.
  3. Let’s talk about the reduction of fat mass. Some studies and reviews claim that S23 reduces body fat. Just as with Ostarine and Andarine, this isn’t strictly true. They help to protect muscle mass in a calorie deficit. That’s different to actively change the way that fat and glucose are utilized for energy (hint: that’s something Cardarine does). So it’s not a fat burner, but with lower calorie intake, and increasing muscle size, you will burn significantly more calories and cut fat.
  4. Improved protein synthesis in muscle tissue will help them to grow, harden, and strengthen. This will also benefit you in terms of recovery. You will notice after a few weeks that your recovery times lessen.
  5. During your workout, you’ll notice greater levels of endurance. This is common to increased levels of testosterone. It’s why such supplements are banned by sporting bodies. This is another reason why you will burn more fat, but by working out hard you will also get the greatest gains from using S23 SARM.

S23 Half Life, Dosage & Cycle Length Discussion

S23 half life in humans is actually unknown because it’s never had full trials completed. In preclinical studies using rats the half life was established at around 11 hours.

Lots of people take that half life as the same in humans, but the evidence really is that it’s far shorter. Lots of people feel the effects dropping off after a few hours, and therefore S-23 tends to be dosed 2-3 times per day rather than a single dose.

So let’s talk about the exact S23 dosage range you should be using. In terms of the total daily dose to take singly, or spread out into multiple doses, a low daily dose is seen as around 10 mg. A high-end normal dose is around 30 mg, and an extreme dose up to 50 mg.

Personally, I would never go above 30 mg because the androgenic side effects could be crippling after a few weeks. But it’s perfectly possible to take 30 mg, either split into 2 x 15 mg doses, or 3 x 10 mg doses each day.

Spread these out through the day. For the three doses, take one first thing in the morning, one dose an hour before your workout, and your third dose around an hour before bed. I’ll talk about the side effects in a little while. But because of their potency of them, it would be irresponsible to recommend a long cycle of S23 to you.

As a beginner, eight weeks is more than enough. For an experienced user, 10 weeks or 12 weeks as a maximum.

Creating S23 SARM Stacks

The real power of SARMs is in stacking them. You can derive significant benefits from one, but when you stack complimentary SARMs to achieve bulking, cutting, or maintenance, then you really do maximize your returns.

Because S23 is such a generally potent anabolic substance it’s pointless stacking it with other androgenic SARMs. All you are doing is increasing the overall androgenic side effects that can be really tough to deal with.

S23 creates lean, hard muscle. It’s as close to an anabolic steroid as you are going to get without actually taking one. So you don’t need to stack it with something that just makes that effect stronger.

But stacking S23 with non-androgenic SARMs, in truth not SARMs at all but often classed as SARMs due to marketing, you can increase your energy output, and increase your gains, without hammering your androgen receptors across the body even more.

This is a classic bulking stack that uses the potency of S23:

  • 5-10 mg S-23 3 times per day
  • 10 mg MK-677 once per day
  • 5 mg Cardarine one hour before workout
  • Significant PCT required (Clomid)
  • Maximum 10 – 12 week cycle

MK-677 is non-androgenic, but does still help the body to build muscle, and increase your appetite. Perfect for any bulking stack.

You could swap out the MK-677 for YK-11 to get even larger and stronger muscle gains. However, there is some evidence that YK-11 does produce anabolic results despite not being an androgen receptor agonist.

The Cardarine will produce a significant energy output increase prior to your workout. Alongside the general surge in androgens producing higher power output, you will power through them due to better glucose energy availability.

You can swap Cardarine for SR-9009 if you want. Although they have different mechanisms of action, they both produce significant increases in power output due to altering how glucose and fat are used for creating available energy.

Let’s Talk About Problems & Side Effects

S23 is a very potent anabolic substance. It targeted to combine with a high affinity to the androgen receptors in muscle and bone tissue, which is what you would expect from a SARM.

But it’s important to understand that it also binds with a high affinity to other androgen receptors in the body. This is dose dependent though. So at lower doses effect on other androgen receptors will be minimal.

However, a high dose of S23 will produce anabolic effects across the body in the same way as an anabolic steroid, but less aggressively. This means your prostate could increase in size, and with long-term use it could affect things like your hair follicles.

S23 use raises your body temperature. That will mean you will be thirstier, and it can produce higher levels of sweating, particularly at night.

If you don’t drink plenty every day then you can get dehydration. This can lead to muscle cramps, which is quite a commonly reported side effect of using S23. Basically, I think these guys are not drinking enough and are potentially feeling the aggressive muscle growth, which can put a strain on muscle tissue.

Long-term, you can get the symptoms of male pattern baldness, where the hair follicles start to produce weaker hair growth, which can eventually stop completely.

So don’t be fooled by the fact it’s a SARM. It’s very strong and more generally anabolic. Yes, it’s more targeted to muscle and bone tissue, but if you are hitting high doses over several cycles, you will definitely get more widespread androgenic side effects than you would use other SARMs.

S23 Vs RAD-140 Testolone

RAD-140 Testolone is another strongly anabolic SARM. Widely used, it produces significant muscle gains, and generally, the same types of results as S-23 will.

However, S23 gains tend to be harder and drier, more in line with S-4 at high doses, than RAD-140.

S23 is a significantly more aggressive anabolic agent as well. Studies found that it binds to androgen receptor sites with a very high affinity. It has a Ki of 1.7 nM, compared to RAD-140 at 7 nM. For comparison, testosterone tends to combine with an affinity of around 11 nM, so RAD-140 is far more aggressive than that, but S-23 is a class of its own, as potent as an anabolic steroid.

So overall, when it comes to S-23 Vs RAD-140, both will produce significant gains. S-23 will produce slightly drier and firmer gains, but will also produce more androgenic side effects.

S23 Vs S-4 Andarine

Andarine is more potent than Ostarine, and produces lean and hard muscle gains, as well as protecting muscle gains in a calorie deficit.

It’s used by many competitive bodybuilders because it creates a lean and hard muscle tone that is very dry. Used prior to competition after anabolic steroids, it really does finish off the sculpted look.

S23 can also do this, and your muscle tone will be dry and hard. However, I will pull you back again to the increased anabolic side effects. If you want supercharged Andarine results, like you would get from 100 mg per day dosing, then S-23 is what you should be going for.

If you want lower level sculpted results, and with less general androgen receptor agonism, then Andarine is a better choice, especially if you are new to SARMs.

Can You Trust S23 Before And After Photos?

I often push this warning because I hate how it creates misery for people all over the world.

S23 before and after photos, like all SARMs and supplements before and after photos, cannot be proven. Too many newcomers look at those photos on blogs and websites, want that look, and believe that it’s come from using that substance.

Let me tell you, that a lot of them are simply untrue. The images are just good-looking bodies that don’t relate to the substance you are buying or thinking of using.

Plus, even if they are, you don’t know if the claim is true. If it’s actually the person who used it, you don’t know what their regime is, how long they’ve been taking SARMs or steroids, and what they are actually taking in total.

My advice is always the same. Choose the supplement and educate yourself about it. Then trial it at a moderate dose, then do a full dose and see if your results make you happy.

S23 Review Conclusion & Where To Buy SARM S23

Let’s finish this S23 review by stating that it’s an incredibly potent anabolic SARM that will deliver significant gains and dramatically change your look.

It has many benefits, but it also has side effects at higher doses and should be treated with extreme respect. If you’re not quite sure yet, consider using Andarine, RAD-140, or even a strong dose of Ligandrol first to see how your body reacts.

The other problem with SARMs generally right now is it’s tough to get your hands on them.

Multiple problems have shrunk the market dramatically. High-quality online stores have shut almost every week. The main problem is the Chinese SARMs ban. A ban on manufacture and export that a year old now.

Secondary contributing issues include pandemic supply chain problems and factories shutting down due to it, as well as the war between Ukraine and Russia which has shut down the research chemical labs in those countries as well.

So if you can find fantastic quality SARMs suppliers, grab hold of them and treat them like gold dust. The only one on my radar right now is a company I have used over the past three years pretty regularly.



Swiss Chems sell all the main types of SARMs you will need in powder and capsule format.

Prices are very good, despite the shortage of supply around the world. Right now, you can buy 60 capsules of S-23, each dosing 10 mg, for just $69.95. You’ll get 5% cashback into your Swiss Chems account on every purchase, lowering costs for the future.

Just be aware that right now, Swiss Chems only accept cryptocurrency. That’s due to the grey market nature of SARMs and similar supplements.

But don’t worry, it’s really quick and easy to top up if you are in the USA with cryptocurrency, and then follow the instructions on the Swiss Chems website to check out.



Chemyo are the best SARMs seller out there right now, and they definitely offer high purity S-23 and RAD-140 for incredible bulking stacks.

So much as changed in the SARMs market with availability for a variety of reasons, that when you see a SARMs seller offering good quality SARMs, especially in the USA right now, I’m advising you to buy now.

Plan your next couple of stacks at least and get the SARMs in stock.

Chemyo suspended liquid SARMs are great value. Large 50 mL dropper bottles that have higher doses than other companies offering 30 mL bottles, but at about the same price.

In terms of S-23, 50 mL dropper bottle right now costs just $59.99. That’s dosed at a generous 20 mg/mL as well.

For RAD-140, you’ll pay $69.99 for a bottle dosed at 10 mg/mL.

They don’t sell powdered S-23, but they do sell RAD-140. A full gram of that will only cost you $79.99. They even sell the suspension liquid that you will need to mix your own.


Natural Alternative To S-23

I’ve experimented with natural supplements over the years and they are definitely better than natural bodybuilding as long as you get high-quality ones.

However, they simply aren’t as good as SARMs. But, the best ones are far better than natural bodybuilding alone.

Brutal Force are the company whose natural SARMs alternatives I now use alongside SARMs.

You can use them alone, and they will boost your energy, muscle growth, and cut more fat, but as with SARMs stacks being the most powerful option, stacking the supplements alongside SARMs stacks is the best way to go.

Brutal Force do a Goliath bulking stack that consists of four different supplements that all mimic the output of SARMs (including RADBULK, their equivalent of RAD-140).

Take that stacked alongside the bulking SARMs that you are doing, and you will amplify your results.

Plus, because it’s completely safe and natural supplements you can continue to run it post cycle to continue growing your muscle and cutting fat in a way you simply can’t between SARMs cycles.

The best part about the stacks is they are offered to 40% discount. Plus, if you buy two months you will get an additional month of pills completely free. Alongside that, you’ll get free global shipping.