US Gains SARMs Review: Can You Trust The Quality?

US Gains SARMs have actually been around for quite a while, but in doing a review of them, I’ve got to take into account both my own experiences to tell you, and explain some of the confusion around this company.

Some people say US gain SARMs are good quality, some people say they are variable, and some people say they are weaker than is stated on the bottles.

What I’m going to do here is answer all the questions you need to know around the quality of US Gains, and tell you the answer to the ultimate question you need to know: are US Gains SARMs legit?


The Story Of US Gains

US Gains is the new name of a company originally called OZ Gains. Unsurprisingly, they operated out of Australia.

But when SARMs became a scheduled substance in Australia, closing down that market legally, they rebranded and moved their operations to the USA. If you visit the old Australian domain, you get a half set-up shopping cart. Whether that’s the state they left the site in, or whether they are looking to reuse the domain for something else, I have no idea.

The company is registered in New York City, but that doesn’t mean they are based there, is just where the company registration exists.

The problem I have with the company is trust around who they actually are. If you visit their website, there is literally no contact information other than a web form. I have literally no idea where the SARMs are actually shipped from, basically, where they operate from, or where you would return things to.


US Gains: Review Of The SARMs They Sell

If you’re looking for the best range of 100% pure SARMs, US gain SARMs are not the best ones to look at anyway.

They only sell seven types of SARMs. They sell Cardarine, YK-11, Ostarine, Testolone, Andarine, Nutrobal, and Stenabolic. So no S-23 or Ibutamoren for starters, and you don’t get some of the other up-and-coming SARMs like LGD-3303 either.

In terms of pricing, you’re not getting the best deal either.

Let’s look at Cardarine. From US Gains a 30 mL dropper bottle, dosed at 20 mg/mL, costs $49.99. From exactly the same size and density of Cardarine costs $44.99. Only a small difference, but for some SARMs it’s even worse in terms of price or the density you get for your money (for example Ostarine is one third stronger the same price at compared to US Gains).

do us sarms produce these results

On top of that, you don’t get volume discounts. At Science, if you buy more than one bottle, that price drops to $42, and if you buy five bottles, it’s $40 a bottle: a saving of $50 on the purchase.

But let’s also take a look at the purity and quality of US Gains SARMs for sale.

There are third-party independent lab test reports for some products. They are from a recognized lab as well.

But quite honestly, I don’t trust them. Some of them are quite a few months out of date. For example, the Cardarine lab test report is dated late April. That’s six months previous to when I’m writing this. Do we really believe that they are still selling the same batch of Cardarine six months later?

Also, some products don’t have a purity guarantee report on the product page at all, giving you no indication that they are 100% pure SARMs for sale.

I’ve also seen rumors online that the SARMs just don’t feel as potent as those from others. The suggestion is that after the purity reports are gained, and the SARMs are then watered down to make them go further. I can’t verify that, and it’s not an accusation, I’m just passing on what I’ve seen on forums and Reddit.


My Experience With US Gains SARMs

A year ago I did use US Gains SARMs. I only did it once though.

I created a cutting stack using Cardarine, Ligandrol, and Stenabolic. With that source stack you should protect muscle, burn fat, and have incredible amounts of energy and endurance.

I simply didn’t feel that, and compared to exactly the same stack using another SARMs seller previously, there just wasn’t the same feeling of change.


So What’s The Deal: Are US Gains SARMs Legit?

 I’m afraid to say that I can’t recommend US Gains SARMs. There are just too many questions hanging in the air for that.

To answer the question around are US Gains SARMs legit, I have to say I’m not claiming they aren’t legitimate.

What I’m saying is there are question marks, and for me personally, the potency wasn’t as good as some other SARMs sellers.

Your experience might be different, and I’m not saying rule them out entirely, as they are a reliable deliverer of SARMs in the USA. However, there are better alternative places to buy SARMs from in the USA which I now use exclusively.


Alternative Places To Buy 100% Pure SARMs

 When I run a stack of SARMs now, they are almost exclusively from in dropper bottle format. They offer the best combination of high purity and pricing that I’ve found.

MY second “go to” SARMs seller Swiss Chems. They don’t sell dropper bottles, but they do sell really good quality raw powder in capsule format. That means you can get an exact dose of SARMs instantly using the capsules, and you can dose the SARMs anywhere. That’s perfect for anyone the move, and great for beginners who don’t want to panic about getting the right dose. You will pay a little more for the format convenience though.

swiss chems cardarine

Swiss Chems are also the only company I’ve seen who sell both SARMs and generic PCT supplements. You can get generic versions of Nolvadex and Clomid from them at the same time you buy your capsule format SARMs.

So for me, all three of those are better options than US Gains SARMs in terms of purity, pricing, and effectiveness.