Rats Army Reviewed: Rats Army SARMs & Peptides – All You Need To Know

In this Rats Army review, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about the quality and results you’ll get from using the SARMs, peptides, and prohormones that they sell.

But more than that, I’ll tell you about my own experiences using their SARMs in a stack, alongside PCT using their solutions as well. I’ll also be upfront about some of the problems the Rats Army has had in the past. I researched those problems, made some inquiries, and I’m happy to report back to you here in this review.

So I will answer the question around is Rats Army legit, and can you trust them now for purchasing your research chemicals from them.

Overall, consider this a dossier on Rats Army, allowing you in five minutes to see what they sell, what the purity is like, how it stacks up against competitors for both purity and value for money, and discuss my own on and off-cycle results.

Who Are Rats Army?

Rats Army sells SARMs, peptides, and the modern types of prohormones that avoid the ban implemented by the 2004 Anabolic Steroid Control Act.

They have had some unfavorable publicity, and I think any honest and legitimate review of Rats Army has to address those concerns head-on. I will do that a little further on.

But they have been around since at least early 2019, that’s when I first heard of them myself.

Overall, their reputation was good, then mixed, but from mid-2021 onwards, they have sorted themselves out and are mostly now seen as trustworthy in the online bodybuilding communities I’m involved in.

The company is run by a guy called Tyler Hall. Known on social media as the “keto King”, he owns the company and was previously known as a health and bodybuilding coach.

All the products sold by Tyler’s Rats Army are shipped from a facility in Tennessee. If you purchase outside the USA, that is still where they ship from, and you will pay for overseas shipping and any import duties.

Rats Army Sell A Wide Range Of Research Chemicals

Rats Army sell an interesting blend of research chemicals for physical & cognitive benefits:

  • SARMs
  • Prohormones
  • Peptides
  • Nootropics
  • Topicals

What I like about them is that it’s a “one-stop-shop” for everything you might need to push yourself harder in the gym. To bulk up, cut, or build your strength and endurance, you’ve got SARMs and you got peptides. I don’t really recommend prohormones, and I’ll explain why in a little while.

You’ve then got nootropic substances, cognitive boosters. Noopept, Phenibut, and even piracetam elevate your cognitive sharpness and positivity. They even sell DMAA, which is an amphetamine derivative that boosts physical performance and can cut fat. A bit careful with it though, as it can raise blood pressure.

Plus, they sell Tamoxifen (generic Nolvadex) as a PCT supplement and even a sapogenin (plant steroid) product.

rats army sarm bottles

What About The Problems With Purity I’ve Read About?

Let’s address the purity problems head-on. These start being talked about in early 2020. The situation was that someone had contacted the independent lab that the company got the published purity verifications.

It turned out that the lab hadn’t actually supplied purity reports for all of the products that had them on the listings. Basically, they have been faked.

Now as they had got some of the products tested, I can’t believe it was because the purity wasn’t good on the others. I think it was more saving money and being lazy. Anyway, after being called out and obviously taking a sales hit, they changed to another lab and got all of the products verified for purity again.

The latest purity reports at the time of this review are all in place, and I emailed the lab to confirm they did those tests as well. They confirmed that independent lab test reports on Rats Army’s website are legit.

In terms of the trust, Rats Army now has just as much guarantee around purity and quality as other sellers like Swiss Chems and Science.bio.

Rats Army SARMs Pricing & Value For Money

Rats Army sell the nine main types of SARMs:

  • Ostarine (MK-2866)
  • Ligandrol (LGD-4033)
  • Testolone (RAD-140)
  • Cardarine (GW-501516)
  • Ibutamoren (MK-677)
  • Myostine (YK-11)
  • Andarine (S-4)
  • S-23
  • Stenabolic (SR-9009)

My only disappointment is that they don’t sell some of the newer and interesting SARMs, but it’s a solid set of products for anyone looking to get into using SARMs, or for people wanting to stick to those with the most information and research around them.

In terms of price, this is good value for money SARMs as well.

An example, let’s look at Cardarine. Dosed at 20 mg/mL, which is a good dose, you’ll get 30 mL in a dropper bottle for just $53.99. Completely comparable to the other big SARMs sellers from the USA, and actually cheaper than several.

My Experiences Using Rats Army SARMs Stacks

So, I want to continue by telling you a little about my experiences using Rats Army SARMs.

If you want to get things up and running quickly, they sell a range of ready-made SARMs and peptides stacks, which can include PCT supplements where required or nootropics where you need a cognitive kick as well.

I did a Rats Army Research stack of YK-11, Mk 677, and RAD-140. Only one of those is potently androgenic (although YK-11 is closer to a steroid, but doesn’t work as a full agonist of the androgen receptors).

I did a cycle of eight weeks at quite high doses and worked out really hard.

I added 9 lbs of muscle mass. Some of that was a little watery, but it was firmer and larger than I had achieved in three months previously natural bodybuilding.

I could feel some suppression, so I used Nolvadex (generic form Tamoxifen), and bounced back completely in three weeks.

Overall, I felt:

  • I had more physical energy
  • I had more positivity
  • I felt all the features of higher testosterone levels
  • I have better endurance
  • I recovered more quickly
  • I muscle growth was larger and denser

None of that is unique to Rats Army SARMs. If you get good quality SARMs from any seller you should get those benefits, but the fact that what I felt was completely comparable to using SARMs from several other high-quality sellers, was another reassuring sign that quality is high.

rats army review

Let’s Talk About Prohormones & Peptides

Rats Army sells prohormones. If you’re that way inclined, then they are good quality in comparison to other sellers.

The thing is though, prohormones are only one step below anabolic steroids. In terms of their ability to hit androgen receptors indiscriminately, they are exactly the same.

Thankfully, the new breed is weaker than the old ones covered by the anabolic steroid control act. So you will get the side effects, but because they are weaker, you’re still getting more side effects than you would use equivalent strength SARMs

When you can get androgenic SARMs that target androgen receptors only muscle and bone tissue, and you don’t get the side effect problems of hair loss, high levels of aggression, and potential prostate problems, then I just can’t advise you ever try them when SARMs and peptides can do a better job.

Rats Army sell for types of the new breed of prohormones:

  • 1-Andro
  • 4-Andro
  • 7-Keto
  • 11-Keto

In terms of peptides, they sell a small range, it does contain the main ones that most people are looking for. I’ve used TB-500 several times, including from Rats Army. It’s an injectable, but with over 99% purity, you’ve got no worries as long as you are clean.

Review Conclusion: Is Rats Army Legit

So is Rats Army legit? Undoubtedly, they are.

I couldn’t have said that 18 months ago, and I wouldn’t have ordered from them. But the fact that they’ve got their shit together with purity testing, and the fact that people are reporting good results, led me to reassess them because of the high doses and pricing.

My own use of SARMs and peptides from Rats Army has been positive and comparable to using the same research chemicals from other companies. The conclusion of my review is that these guys are definitely reputable, and you should consider ordering from them.

I’ll also say that I love the single online order approach. I’ve had problems in the past with having to order peptides, SARMs, and PCT supplements in three different sellers, incurring high postage costs.

The fact that Rats Army sells everything I need in one place, means I’m saving a ton on shipping when you look at how the costs mount up over a couple of years.

Shipping is rapid and reasonable within the USA. You can order overseas, please be aware of costs (much higher since Covid), and the fact that importing these types of chemicals into some countries is legal and could get them confiscated and destroyed.

But the takeaway is that these are SARMs made in the USA, tested and confirmed as having high purity, and that demonstrate good results and have good feedback online.

That’s why I can’t hesitate now to recommend Rats Army SARMs to you, especially if you are in the USA.